A King And His Movie (1986) [720p] [WEBRip] [YTS MX]

IMDB information:
Title: A King and His Movie (1986)
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Description: Buenos Aires movie director, very fond of the legend of the King of Patagonia and Araucania, decides to make a movie about it. Despite of financial troubles, technical problems, misfortune and desertions, he undertakes the journey to Patagonia for the film with a second-rate actor company. Neglected by the producer and shortly after by the company, he will make the movie alone, in a surreal landscape like mad.
Director: Carlos Sorin
Writer: Jorge Goldenberg, Carlos Sorin
Actors: Ulises Dumont, Julio Chávez, Villanueva Cosse
Rating: 7.0
Runtime: 107 min
Language: Spanish
Country: Argentina
Rate: N/A

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