Ari Ziegler Modern Benoni for Advanced Players-RESTORE

Ari Ziegler Modern Benoni for Advanced Players-RESTORE | 2.54 GB

The Modern Benoni is perhaps the most dynamic approach to meeting 1.d4 without sacrificing a pawn. A lot of legendary players have had a sincere love affair with this opening The most imaginative world champion of all time, Michail Tal is perhaps the player who has done most to popularise the

opening. In this DVD International Master Ari Ziegler is
giving you a fighting repertoire against all White systems in the Modern Benoni. The target audience is club players with Elo 1500-2400. Thanks to Ziegler's research you will
find many surprisingly simple solutions in some lines, while
in the critical lines which are being debated he gives new
moves or reevaluates underrated systems. With this DVD to
back up your repertoire in the Benoni you will combat White
from the beginning with counter-blows, strikes, positional
traps or deep strategic plans, all that is necessary to hunt
White down Video running time: 4 hours 57 min


2)burn / mount
3)enjoy & have fun


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