Chakra Arch + KDE 2012.04 (i686/x86/64)

Chakra Arch + KDE 2012.04 (i686/x86/64) | 4.18 GB

Release of Linux-distro Chakra 2012.04, which is based on the time between project Arch Linux. The distribution comes with a desktop environment KDE, equipped with a graphical installer and configurator simplify hardware configuration and system settings. Chakra GNU / Linux can run in Live-mode and installed on the hard drive. Chakra uses its own repository.

Also in the distribution is a special program Bundle Manager, which allows you to quickly set the most common packages like gimp, inkscape, firefox, etc. Chakra comes on CD and DVD drives.

From updates on the previous release:
- KDE 4.8.2
- Linux 3.2.8 (3.0.22 optional)
- Qt 4.8.1
- DVD includes all the locales
- Tomoyo-tools 2.5
- QtWebkit 2.2.1, and many others are not so important update.

The amount of md5:
0671749e241d203700eade73e9bc3ffe chakra-2012.04-Archimedes-CD-x86_64.iso
34f365045ef2087304dd782bce98aefa chakra-2012.04-Archimedes-CD-i686.iso
4c81f93b0f14fc6f5e3caec6c889f943 chakra-2012.04-Archimedes-i686.iso
a3e5c1e4992415cdaa5adcc950c85ee8 chakra-2012.04-Archimedes-x86_64.iso

Name: Chakra GNU / Linux
Version: 2012.04
Latest version: 2012.04
Architecture: i686 + x86-64
Type of drive: DVD, CD
Size: 4.18 GB

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