Sử dụng cho hệ thống báo động không dây HG-1500, HG-1000 và HG-2500

1. Protects an area up to 10 meters long, and with an 84 degree horizontal angle .
2. Picks up movements in the controlled area and sends signals to the control panel.
3. Easily installed on wall or room and supplied with mounting brackets.
4. Battery saving feature provides a 2 minute delay between each transmission.
5. Low battery warning signal transmitted to the control panel.


Coverage angle: 84 degree wide.
Effective distance: max. 12 meters.
Power source: 9V DC alkaline battery.
Power consumption: 25uA (idle) , 8mA (transmitting).
Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 4.5 cm

Low battery detection: Main console LCD display with sound.
Home status: Activation or non-activation options.
Sensitivity: 1-2-4 pulses selectable within field of view.
Sensor type: Wireless transmitter.
System ID: Hopping code.

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