Directed by Alan Purnell
HIM Films
1982 70 minutes
Leo Ford fantasizes sex with men on the street in the Big Apple in this HIM film directed by Alan Purnell. Wondering about pent-up men, like himself, locked in their offices, he wanders Manhattan. As he passes a newspaper stand vendor, their eyes meet and they fantasize about one another. Leo imagines the darkly handsome Italian man (Tony Peters) in a lockerroom, stripping from his football uniform, and the two proceed to jack off. The man ends up shooting on his jockstrap, and Ford licks it off. Peters then fantasizes a penthouse, champagne fuck with Leo. With Leo spread-eagle on the bed and his incredible ass cheeks in the air, the stud climbs on and drives his rock-hard dick to climax. Their encounter ends in a steamy bathroom where Leo shoots his load into the guy's mouth. Passing the Broadway Baths in another part of town, we see a muscled, tattooed bodybuilder's tryst with a client inside. A youthful hunk enters and straddles a bench press and sticks his cock down the tattooed guy's throat. A third jock joins them and using baby oil and the triple-image mirrors around them, the three leave no orifice untouched! Meanwhile, Andy Fuller dances at the Follies Theater, later jacking off alone. Leo, watching the show, decides to audition for the strip show and couples with a dancer. The motorcycle jacketed dancer sits on Ford's penis and then gets on his stomach as Leo plows away. During all of this, Fuller has his porno audition with a tattooed street kid on a bed nearby. The youth launches an attack on his ass and fucks it for all it's worth. In yet a third simultaneous porn tryout, two dark-haired New York studs in jockstraps share blowjobs and non-stop ass-sucking. Finally, the film ends with timed climaxes from the three duos: the street punk blows on Fuller's shoulder, the rimming hunk blows onto the wet asshole of his friend, and Leo sucks the jism right out of his dancing partner. With little foreplay and an emotionally unattached premise, this film offers top filming techniques and an original soundtrack.
Ace, Andy Fuller, Brian Miles, Buck Ryan, Tony Peters, Joe Dominico, Leo Ford
Size: 696 mb


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