Gay Erotica from the Past 1 VHSrip 1940-1950

Year: 1940-1950
These previously hidden underground films from the 1940s and 1950s reveal just how mysterious and secretive we were behind closed doors. Now we can acknowledge our sexuality - but then our sex acts were not to be spoken of, much less seen!
A partial list of films in this volume:
"Cyclist" - An example of classic gay erotica, a biker and his pickup. "Beach Bar Nightmare" - Vintage film of the gay male club scene defying the taboos of the '40s. "Ben-Hurry" - A spirited homoerotic film-within-a-film that captures the comaderie of 3 musclebound actors. "Cell Mates" - Sexually provocative prison action challenging the the limits of '50s mentality.
Size: 772Mb

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