Pixologic Zbrush 4R2b -FULL- Portable Pixologic Zbrush 4R2b -FULL- Portable [CENTER] Pixologic Zbrush 4R2b -FULL- Portable | 2.07 GB ZBrush 4R2b Overview With enhancements to the already powerful features in ZBrush 4R2, the all new ZBrush 4R2b takes the potential of features like the BPR Renderer and its real time filters to the next level. You'll be amazed by the capabilities of the added functions in this latest version. Our goal here at Pixologic, is to provide the most comprehensive tool set available to artists. In our pursuit of this, advancements like FiberMesh inside the new ZBrush 4R2b, take creating in ZBrush to new heights. The new FiberMesh will generate real 3d geometry, allowing you to manipulate and sculpt in real time with direct visual feedback. This previously unimagined breakthrough is only one aspect of the incredible new developments found inside ZBrush 4R2b. Our commitment to you means there is way more where that came from. To add to the already revolutionary new functions and capabilities inside ZBrush 4R2b, we have included enhancements like, MicroMesh, Alpha Surface and Seamless modes, improved masking using TransPose with curvature detection, TransPose curve blending mode and a host of other possibilities. You'll find that the new ZBrush 4R2b is nothing short of amazing. That's the Power of ZBrush. Orignal Provider --> Freshwap.com ZBrush 4R2b Feature List FiberMesh to create real 3d fiber, fur and hair geometry with export capabilities. New set of dedicated FiberMesh "Groom" brushes and corresponding Brush settings. MicroMesh support to render fibers or single polygons as separate 3D objects. New set of BPR filters and operators to greatly improve your final ZBrush renders BPR Global Shadow and Ambient Occlusion settings simplifying shadow management. New Cavity Mixer used to define different material shaders based on the mesh cavities. Improved small details creation through Alpha and Mask. Alphas may be placed using TransPose. Surface Smoothness feature detects mesh curvature for Mask creation. New global deformation with Transpose Curve deformation and UnClip. Improved Mask operations with Shrink and Extend. Topology editing additions: Group Mask and Edgeloop Mask Border. New JPEG Exporter with Crop, Preview and adjustment settings. Numerous improvements such as storing shadow information based on the camera point of view, preview of mesh Extraction, Auto Adjust Mode for perspective??? and a lot more. No installation required, just run the .exe and you're done!
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