The Humble Botanicula Debut Mac OSX | 3.87 GB

Finally, the true humble bundle is back with the debut of Botanicula and other great games from Amanita Design and the mind-blowing studio Vectorpark. Also included are the original soundtracks from the Amanita Design games as well as an independent film, co-directed by their founder. All games are DRM-free, meaning no crack/patch/SN needed.
Included in this bundle are:

Botanicula (v1.1) +OST
In Botanicula, you must guide a motley band of tree creatures in a journey to save their home from brooding, spider-like invaders. With a huge cast of charming characters and an original soundtrack by the Czech alternative band DVA, Botanicula is the latest and greatest example of Amanita Design?s unique storybook vision brought to vivid fruition in an point-and-click adventure/puzzle game.

Machinarium (5/3/12) +OST
In the point-and-click adventure game Machinarium, players guide a heroic little robot on his quest to save his friends from a trio of bullies in a dilapidated machine city. Machinarium won the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Excellence in Visual Art Award in 2009 for its incredibly detailed environments and the unique personalities of the many characters inhabiting the city.

Samorost 2 (5/3/12) +OST
In Samorost 2, players guide a valiant gnome who must save his dog after it is abducted by a pair of fruit-stealing aliens. Samorost 2 won the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Award for Best Web Browser Game in 2007, and was one of the first games to showcase Amanita Design?s unique narrative vision with a strong, visually-anchored adventure.

Windosill (v1.0.7)
Windosill is a delightful point-and-click puzzle game built around odd visuals and surprising interactions. The creator, Patrick Smith of Vectorpark, creates novel games and animations that deliver toy-like interactivity alongside clean, intricate visual art.

Osada (Interactive Music Video) (5/3/12)
Free experimental project created by animator Vaclav Blin and music Composer Simon Ornest. Click through the whole experience and play with individual music tracks, instruments and sounds.

The Czech film Kooky tells the tale of a stuffed bear on a quest to return home after being thrown away, featuring an imaginative blend of live-action sequences, stop motion, and puppet animation. Kooky was directed by the Academy Award-winning director Jan Sverak, and Jakub Dvorsky, founder of Amanita Design, was the film?s art director. The version of Kooky available from this Humble Bundle is in 720p and is dubbed in English.
A bonus has been added, including art from Botanicula and Kooky as well as music albums from Floex (Machinarium soundtrack artist) and DVA(Botanicula soundtrack artist). Also Osada (which is/was free anyways?) from Amanita Design.

System Requirements
OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6, or later
Processor: Intel Mac 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
OS: OS X 10.5.8 Leopard, or later
Processor: Intel Mac 1.8 Ghz
Memory: 1 GB
Samorost 2:
OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or later
Processor: Intel Mac 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
OS: OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or later
Processor: Intel
Memory: 256 MB
Honestly this wasnt given but Im pretty sure it would be along the lines of Windosill & Samorost 2.
OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or later
Processor: Intel
Memory: 256 MB
HDD: Around 3 GB (1.5 GB to download zip file of movie, 1.5 GB once unpacked)


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