Autorobot 2005 Multilingual

Autorobot 2005 Multilingual | 746 ?B

The electronic catalog contains the catalog AUTOROBOT control points of bodies and frames of cars and vans, and also allows you to work with the measuring equipment of the same name stands for body work.

The catalog AUTOROBOT on one CD. Can be installed in whole or in part, supports multiple languages, including Russian.

The company Autorobot designs, manufactures and markets devices for measuring and correcting damage to the vehicle. Over the past 28 years development the company has developed several Autorobot innovative technologies in the field of repairing the vehicle, protected by more than 60 patents. The current product range includes liner stands of various sizes, suitable for small repair shops, and large garages. The company's products Autorobot used on 6 continents, in over 70 countries. About 80% of production is exported. The company's products Autorobot made from high quality materials with modern technology. Long life and incomparable quality - these are the main characteristics of each product produced by us

The main advantages of stocks for body repair AUTOROBOT

Product Range: Autorobot program represents a broad range of stocks for body repair, intended for small, medium and complex emergency repair of car bodies, both for small repair garages, and large auto centers;

The possibility of the ("modular"): a modular system allows you to gradually build up Autorobot complete set of stocks from the simple to the stocks of a higher level;
Versatility: the ability to work with all types of vehicles, including MB, BMW, AUDI, as well as vans and frame a / m;

Measuring systems: mechanical and electronic "IP", with an accuracy of ± 1 mm have their own database on the lower and upper body control points and / m, the ability to upgrade the mechanical "IP" in the e;

Cost-effectiveness: high technology the Prospect Island, the original technical and design solutions, as well as the opportunity to complete a phased increase in the market can offer the best low prices.


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