Rhinoceros 3D 4.0 Multilanguage + Xray + RhinoCam

Rhinoceros 3D 4.0 Multilanguage + Xray + RhinoCam | 826 MB

Rhinoceros 3d package is a powerful three-dimensional modeling using NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines). The technology of B-splines based on mathematical formulas by which describes all forms, from the simple 2-D line, circle, arc, or curve to the most complex organic surfaces or solids in 3-D.

This program is specific, there are no modules for advanced texturing, there are no tools to work with polygons and rendering module rather mediocre, but there is a complete set of tools for building various kinds of curves and surfaces based on them, and to combine them in various ways, in addition exported in a variety of basic 3-D formats for final texturing and rendering in other packages. Rhino 3d favorite tool for technical and industrial designers as allows you to quickly get a model with perfect quality surfaces, Rhino is widely used in jewelry, aircraft and shipbuilding, and of course the same in automotive design.

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Year: 2008
Version: 4.0
Platform: PC
Compatibility with Vista: compatible
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