Tell Me More V7.0 - Deutsch als Fremdsprache:1-2-3 Multilingual

Tell Me More V7.0 - Deutsch als Fremdsprache: 1-2-3 Multilingual | 1.76 GB

The new version 7.0 is the consistent further development of this Tell Me More versions of proven quality. Above all, the user guidance and individual support of students have been further improved. The learners define their learning goals, he determined his attempted linguistic level in the areas of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Tell Me More compiles an appropriate learning opportunities. But that's not all: Tell Me More specifically reacts to the training results and continuously adjusts the training offer to the learners' progress. 3 Different pedagogical approaches that will enable individual learning.

The Dynamic mode uses artificial intelligence to make your language learning process as individual as possible: He continuously analyzes your progress and proposes to each work area has dealt with an adapted training offer. The Custom mode can prepare a personal learning program that is tailored to your learning goals while taking into account your available time. In free mode you can finally make your language learning free and discover the many different work areas of the workshops themselves.

Language: German, English, Francais, Espanol, Nederlands, Italiano


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