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Delphi - is the first programming language that allows the destruction of the barrier between the application of integrated and simplified character to use, and low-level bit software.

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Delphi - a development tool in programming, which are taking place within the application Microsoft Windows. Delphi is a relevant and easy to use program, which is necessary for the generation of autonomous software graphical user interface or 32-bit console applications - programs that exist outside of the GUI, instead, in accordance with the so-called «DOS box».

By creating a GUI-applications with Delphi, broadcast programming language exists in the RAD-environment (Pascal language). Delphi includes components such as the basic elements of a graphical user interface of Windows, which are presented in the form of the blank screen, buttons, etc. This means that the user does not need to organize the writing of the encoding in the case of addition of these elements to a particular application. The user simply develop them into a paint program. It is also possible to use ActiveX controls to create special programs such as web browsers. Delphi allows the user to design the entire interface visually and quickly make the event code with a simple computer mouse.

Delphi exists in a variety of configurations, which are used in both departmental and in manufacturing facilities. With Delphi, you can write a program from within Windows is much faster and easier than it has ever been possible.
In Delphi-based environment is a programming language Pascal. Delphi has the ability to use multiple databases. Examples include local databases - Paradox, Dbase, network server database SQL - InterBase, SysBase.
Despite the fact that writing a computer program using Delpi is a lightweight event, do not forget that this software tool requires confident knowledge of Windows.

Programs GUI
Delphi is based on vysokourovnego general-purpose programming language
Delphi language can be classified as an objective-oriented
Delphi supports the main software tools
Delphi has a graphical debugger, editor
Delphi is a functional application Turbo Pascal
Many types of programming involve a special library facilities
Elements of VCL-library allows you to create sophisticated GUI
The implementation of visual design interface
Borland is developing a system of application lifecycle management
Delphi is designed for programmers who are building new integrated software for complex applications
elements of the Delphi-base programming language C #
Using Delphi in the development of various software components
Today, the most recent 12 version of the software is Delphi 2009

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