Rosetta Stone 3.4.7 All languages Crack Apps (MACOSX)

Rosetta Stone 3.4.7 (All languages) Crack Apps | MAC OSX

Included in this Pack:
Rosetta.Stone.v3.4.7 Application
- Arabic V3 Levels 1-3
- Danish V3 Level 1
- Dutch V3 Levels 1-3
- English (American) V3 Levels 1-5
- Greek V3 Levels 1-3
- Hebrew V3 Levels 1-2
- Hindi V3 Level 1-3
- Indonesian V3 Level 1
- Italian V3 Levels 1-3
- Japanese V3 Levels 1-3
- Korean V3 Levels 1-3
- Latin V3 Level 1-3
- Pashto V3 Level 1
- Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Levels 1-3
- Portuguese V3 Levels 1-3
- Swahili V3 Level 1
- Swedish V3 Level 1-3
- Tagalog V3 Levels 1-2
- Vietnamese V3 Level 1
- Welsh V3 Level 1

Step 1: In the upper right side of the screen click the middle button and choose "Add or Remove Languages"
Step 2: Mount your desired language pack ISO using Daemon Tools or burn it on a CD or a DVD. If you are mounting with Daemon Tools make sure no other images are mounted.
Click Add a Language Level
Step 3: When the prompt window pops - Click Continue.
Step 4: Once the program identifies the language pack - Click Install selected language.
Do not do the following:
1.Update the software
2.Register the software
3.Activate the software

Password for all files

Doing any of the above will result in crashes and the inability to use the software properly.

Password is incorrect while extracting from the Winrar archive

Can be fixed by typing the password manually rather than copying and pasting it from this thread.

**Fixing Error 1722**

1. Disable all third-party anti-virus or firewall programs (for further instruction on how to disable, please consult your antivirus/firewall program manufacturer)
2. Click Start then Control Panel
3. Double click Windows Security Center or Windows Firewall
4. Turn on Windows Firewall
5. If you receive an error message when attempting to turn on Windows Firewall
- Click Start
- Right-click on My Computer (Computer in Vista) and select Manage
- Go to Services and Applications
- Select Services
- Scroll down to find Windows Firewall
- Right-click Windows Firewall and choose Start

**Fixing Error 2122*** - Database could not be updated please contact customer support

Run application in "Compatibility Mode" set to "Windows Vista".

**Fixing "Fatal Application Error: #5118"**

There are several different possible causes for an Error 5118 message when using Rosetta Stone Version 3. Please try each of these possible resolutions in order until you find the one that fixes the error for you.

**Fix #1**

In most cases, you can resolve an Error 5118 message by connecting the supplied USB headset and setting that as the default device. Instructions for setting the headset as the default device are available in the Headset Quick Start card (see attachment below).

**Fix #2**

If that does not resolve the error, please check to make sure that you have permission to write to the Rosetta Stone directory by using these instructions. Be sure to close the program before making any changes.

- Use Finder to browse to Macintosh HD> Library> Application Support> Rosetta Stone Version 3
- Click once to highlight the Rosetta Stone Version 3 folder, then press Apple I on your keyboard
- At the Info screen, expand the Details under Ownership and Permissions
- Set the permissions so that your account is the owner, with Read and Write permissions for everyone
- Click the 'Apply to enclosed items' button

**Fix #3**

If the above steps do not resolve the error, then the next step is to delete the user progress database. The next time you use the program, you will have to recreate any user accounts. To delete the file, first close the program and then delete the tracking.db3 file by following these steps:

* Use Finder to browse to Macintosh HD> Library> Application Support> Rosetta Stone Version 3 and delete tracking.db3

**Fixing Error #2125**

- Find the tracking.db3 file in your appdata folder (for windows 7 its C:\programData\Rosetta Stone\tracking.db3 (hidden folder) and rename it to tracking.db3.bak
- Restart the pc
- Launch rosetta stone (all your progress has been lost now)
- Close the rosetta stone application
- Rename tracking.db3.bak to tracking.db3
- Launch the application again

Minimum system requirements:
- Mac OS 10.4
- 512 MB RAM
- 1 GHz
- 600 MB free hard disk space (for one level)
- 16-bit sound card
- 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
- A microphone, headphones

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