Lumion 2.1 build 4 Ultimate 2012 (x86/x64) | 2.7 GB

Software solution for architects, urban planners and designers with a set of powerful tools for 3D visualization in real time. Ideal for creating video, conventional renderings and create a dynamic live presentation.

Import scenes from Google ® Sketchup ®, products of AutoDesk ®, such as AutoCAD ®, Revit ® Architecture, 3D Studio Max ® and many other 3D modeling packages.
Tools to create a scene in Lumion ® take full advantage based on the GPU 3D interface that allows you to edit the scene in real time.
Lumion also contains a library of buildings and cars, animated trees, plants and grass, men and animals, roads, sidewalks, rocks, hedges, etc.

Key features Lumion 3D:
- Import of DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DXF;
- Import TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, PNG, and HDR images;
- Intuitive interface;
- Realistic water, several kinds of water;
- Animated sky and clouds;
- More than 40 environment to the landscape;
- Sunlight, calculated on the basis of geographic origin and time of day;
- Accurate measurements for placing objects, a marker for the precise placement of instruments;
- Lightweight material editor, more than 450 materials in the library;
- Create videos in a format MP4;
- Support for high resolution images for print, the maximum resolution is 7680h4320.

Extras. Information:
UPDATE: Lumion 2.1 introduces new features
On top of the already great Lumion 2.0 functionality we added several enhancements. Memory usage is improved and the update allows for rendering scenes with many lights in them. Overall stability has been increased and we were even able to improve overall responsiveness of the program. Continue reading for the details on what is new since Lumion 2.0.

Takes Real-time rendering to another level.
Just one year after the initial release of Lumion, Act-3D lifts the quick and easy tool for architecture visualization to the next level.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Lumion 2 will take visualization indoors by providing quick and easy tools for interior lighting.
The new lighting features allow users to create an amazing atmosphere for indoor visualizations. To achieve believable indoor lighting, the entire material and shading system is updated for enhanced realism.
Not only does the new lighting improve indoor visualizations, it also raises the bar for outdoor visualizations because of the improvement in overall lighting.
Numerous of drastic improvements have been made, from the addition of indoor lighting to new post processor effects and content!

New importers
The importing system has been extended with support for AutoDesk ® DWG and DXF file formats.
Additionally, a special COLLADA plugin for AutoDesk ® Revit has been included.
Last but not least, significant performance and memory optimizations make importing of even complex 3D content faster than ever before.

Amazing Skies (Even at Night)
The new lighting also allows users the opportunity to create nighttime visualizations.
To make this possible Lumion 2 will include a completely re-engineered sky rendering system.
The new sky system now includes three cloud layers, different cloud shapes and a spectacular spectrum of colors. At night the sky transforms into a magical spectacle of stars, complete with a realistic moon and special night sky colorization and cloud lighting.

Several new animation effects will make it much easier to animate objects.
In Lumion 2 you can now create curved paths instead of being restricted to strictly linear paths as in the first version of Lumion. This is great for animating vehicles, people and even parts of your design. Lumion 2 also provides an easy to use editor for cross section animations and items can be dropped from the sky into place. Normally effects like these are difficult to set up. Lumion 2.0 makes complex tasks easier than ever.

New Content
To complement the indoor lighting there will be a content pack available for Lumion 2.0. The new pack contains more than 160 furniture models and around 90 other objects such as waving flags and new vehicles.The existing character pack will be extended with several high quality 3D people.
For the lighting, there will be a completely new library of light types and even lampposts which can easily be placed in any scene.Future service packs will extend existing libraries. New materials will expand all the other object libraries.

Engine and editor optimizations
2 Lumion knows tons of big and small engine and editor improvements, increasing performance and useability. Improved tonemapping, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, lighting and shadows create even more realistic images and videos.

Year / Date: 2012
Version: 2.1 Build 4
Developer: Lumion Act-3D
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7 full time
System requirements:
Minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 - or 64-bit) and DirectX 9.0c or higher
System Memory: 3GB (for simple scenes)
Video card: NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX or equivalent ATI / AMD, at least 1 GB of memory
Recommended system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
System Memory: At least 6GB
Video card: NVidia 460GTX / ATI 5850 or faster with memory of at least 1 GB
Language: English
Medicine: Present
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