Sinclair MacOSX Linux v.20120217 Multilingual (x86/2012)

Sinclair MacOSX Linux v.20120217 Multilingual (x86/2012)
| 3,17 Gb
This assembly is done in the style of Linux Apple MacOSX c best possible similarity of design. Included are all the effects of the program selected.

For those who want to enjoy MacOSx shell in his usual computer - the best solution. In addition, by creating a bootable flash drive with this system, you get an excellent opportunity to use it anytime, anywhere. Performed on the basis of Ubuntu 10.10. It works by default, fast and beautiful. In this assembly made important and significant changes, which can be read below.

Installed Programs:
nautilus elementary (revision of the file manager Nautilus)
LibreOffice 3 (Office & Program)
Eset Nod 32 Antivirus for Linux (antivirus for flash drives and local drives Windows)
Unetbootin (creating a bootable flash drive)
testdisc (work with hdd)
gloobus preview
double-commander (an analog of Total-Commander)
umplayer (video player)
vlc (video player)
audacious (audio player)
firefox (update to Firefox 10)
musique (like itunes audio player with auto album art)
gxneur (switching of the keyboard)
wine (windows-run programs)
playonlinux (games and applications for windows linux)
gimp (an analogue of Photoshop. updated to version 2.7.2)
netbeans 7.1 Rus (Programming)
compizconfig-settings-manager (management kompiz)
rhythmbox (audio player)
guake (terminal for F12)
audacity (an analog of Sound Forge)
rezound (analog adobe audition)
tuxguitar (analogue Guitar Pro)
deluge (torrent)
furiusisomoun (virtual CD)
ailurus (system setup)
safari (MacOSX web-browser)
google-chrome (browser)
ubuntu-tweak (system setup)
virtualbox (virtual machine)
remastersys (creation of the distribution ubuntu)
nero linux (recording discs)
shotwell (view photo)
puddletag (tag editor mp3)
geany (WEB-editor)
fbreader (E-book)
xmind (mind map)
shutter (screenshots)
dropbox (data synchronization)
alien (rpm to deb converter)
conky (information on the desktop)
google earth (3d planet)
opera (browser)
avidemux (to work with avi)
deadbeef (audio player)
gnome ppp (dialer)
wvdial (dialer, too)
rainlendar (calendar on your desktop)

Console program:
mc (file manager)
vim (programming environment)
elinks (web-browser)
moc (audio player)
cmatrix (Matrix screensaver)

alien arena (like Quake3)
assault cube (an analog of CS)
billard-gl (three-dimensional billiards)
bomberclone (Bomberman)
chromium b.s.u (airplane)
ZX-Spectrum (emulator ZX-Spectrum c in several games. River Raid, Spy Hunter, Elite, Robocop, Lode Runner ...)
Super Nintendo (Emulator 8-bit console with a huge bunch of games for it)
tuxracer (the race with a penguin)

From the smallest details in the assembly include:
- To have a tab with the audacious radio Relax Fm - in my opinion the best night of musical accompaniment is not found
- In the home directory are drivers for NVIDIA cards who need
- In the browsers firefox, opera and google chrome VKOPT included for those who use "in contact"

Changes in version 20120217:
- OpenOffice is replaced by LibreOffice
- Removed the password for the keyring
- Password for root (if you suddenly ask) - only sinclair! 2128506 can forget about
- Nod32 antivirus installed with the update to 14/02/2012 (updated automatically by the server is registered). What is it? to test flash drives and disks with Windows
- Set Unetbootin (creating a bootable flash drive)
- Installed Super Boot Manager, Grub Manager, Burg Manager, Playmonth manager
- Some changes in the design of the interface
- Russified Firefox + add-on: Hyper Translate to translate foreign language pages, Firebug for Web-programmers i.t.d
- Added program to work and restore the HDD type testdisc etc.
- Updated and Russified Netbeans
- In the home directory folder appeared HELP! where is the information for any emergency, the study Ubuntu, Servers Nod updates, etc.
- Added a bunch of plugins to nautilus

System requirements:
Processor: Intel Pentium III 450 Mhz or AMD K6-3 450 MHz or equivalent, or a new
Memory: 256 MB
Video Card: 3D-graphics adapter with 32 MB memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Free hard drive space: 2 GB

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