Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 And Tutorial Mac OSX Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 And Tutorial Mac OSX [CENTER] Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 And Tutorial Mac OSX | 7.5 GB Final Cut Pro X - Completely redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro adds extraordinary speed, quality, and flexibility to every part of the post-production workflow.Introducing the Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. In this tutorial, Apple-certified master trainer and Ripple Training founder Steve Martin, will guide you through the new workflows, toolsets and features of Apple's latest professional video editing application, Final Cut Pro X.Whether you are new to digital video editing or transitioning from another editing application - which includes previous versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie - our goal is to give you a solid foundation for understanding both the how and why behind the software, so you can focus on your Ultimate Goal - Which is your telling Stories. The Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X is a unique Training Curriculum That is the culmination of Our 12 years delivering Final Cut Pro training in both the classroom and on video. The training is presented in 37 individual lessons with a running time of five hours. The tutorial also included media files for following along in Final Cut Pro X. Topics video course 1. Exploring the Interface Launching Final Cut Pro X Exploring the Interface The Toolbar 2. Commanding the Keyboard Using Keyboard Shortcuts & Contextual Locating Keyboard Commands in the Command Editor Filtering the Virtutal Keyboard Customizing the Keyboard Using the Help System 3. Organizing, Analyzing & Optimizing Media Choosing Import Preferences Organizing During a Import Import Transcoding During a Video Analyzing During a Import Import Analyzing Audio During a 4. Files & Folders importing Importing from the Mac Finder Understanding Smart Collections Importing Drag & Drop by 5. Importing from a Camera, Camera & Archive iMovie Importing from File-Based Cameras Importing from Tape-Based Cameras Creating and Opening Camera Archives Importing an iMovie Project or Event Libarary 6. Working in the Event Library Understanding the Event Library Viewing Clips as a Filmstrip Viewing Clips as a List Viewing Events & Grouping 7. Organizing Media with Keywords & Viewing Assigning Keywords Assigning Frequentlly Used Keywords Keywords Filtering Creating Custom Smart Collections 8. Rating, Deleting & Transcoding Media Rating Your Media Assigning Keywords to Ranges Deleting Media & Events from the Event Library Transcoding Media 9. Working in the Project Library Anatomy of a Final Cut Pro X Project 10. Building a Rough Cut Creating a Project Making Selections & Playing Clips in the Event Browser Dropping Clips INTO the Timeline Clips Appending to the Storyline Navigating in the Timeline Understanding the Relationship Between the playhead Skimmer & Clips reordering in the Storyline 11. Performing Insert, Overwrite Edits & Connect & Performing Insert Overwrite Edits Understanding storylines Working with Connected Clips Performing an Audio Only Connect Edit Timeline Changing the Appearance Clip & Nudging soloing a Clip Synchronizing Clips 12. Removing Unwanted Material Locating Clips with the Timeline Index Introducing the New & Improved Range Selection Tool Removing Unwanted Material from the Timeline Performing Blade & Skimmer trims 13. Replacing Clips & 3-Point Editing Replace Edit Performing a Creating a 3-Point Edit 14. Adjusting Clip Timing Adjusting Edits with the Selection Tool Creating Split Edits Flattening a Clip to the Primary Storyline 15. Auditioning Clips 16. Using the Trimmng Tools Working with the Trim Tool Performing a Ripple Edit with Snapping Performing a Rolling Edit Performing a Slip Edit Performing a Slide Edit Trimming with the Precision Editor 17. Working with storylines Understanding Gap Clips Using the Position Tool Replacing Gap Clips & Removing Audio Detaching Revealing a Clip in the Event Browser Performing a 3-Point Video Only Edit 18. Creating Secondary storylines & Compound Clips Working with a Secondary Storyline reordering & Replacing Clips in a Secondary Storyline Understanding Secondary Storyline Limitations Working with Compound Clips 19. Editing the Soundtrack Duplicating a Project Setting up the Project for Sound Editing Creatiing Fades Controlling Clip Volume in the Audio Working Inspector 20. Working with Music Accessing the Music & Sound Browser Controlling Volume over Time auditioning Music 21. Adding Markers & Dolby Surround Panning 01.05 Working with Markers Spotting Sound Effects Sound Effects Adding a Bed Working with Audio Channels Panning in Dolby Surround 01/05 Space Panning Applying Presets Animating the Speaker Focus 22. Enhancing the Soundtrack Audio Enhancing Reducing Noise and Hum Enhancing Voice 23. Retiming Video Clip a retiming - Constant Speed ??Changes with Changing Speed ??retiming Handle the retiming a Clip - Variable Speed ??Changes Making Changes to Speed ??Segments Applying Speed ??Ramp Effects Applying Effects Other Retime 24. Creating Frames & Hold Controlling Quality Video Frames Creating Hold Controlling the Video Quality 25. Applying and Modifying Transitions Controlling Transition Overlap Applying the Default Transition Duration Transition Changing the Rolling Edit an Under a Transition Applying a Transition from the Media Browser Adjusting the Transition Properties Dealing with Audio Replacing a Transition Applying Multiple Transitions 26. Applying & Animating Effects Applying Effects Effect Adjusting Properties Changing Effects over Time Copying & Pasting Effects to a Clip Connected Keyframing Effects with Selection Range 27. Working with Generators & Backgrounds Adding a Generator from the Media Browser Adding Photos to a Project Changing the Spatial Conform 28. Transforming Images Working with the 2D Transform Controls Transforms Animating with Keyframes Altering the Motion Path Animating Opacity 29. Trimming, cropping & distorting Images & Trimming cropping an Image Creating a Ken Burns Effect distorting an Image Copying and Pasting a Clip Compound 30. Applying and Animating Titles Creating Lower Thirds Copying, Pasting & Modifying a Title Adding an End Title Changing the Published Parameters Modifying Text Properties 31. Working with Themes & Placeholders 32. Balancing & Color Matching Automatically Balancing Auto Color Auto Color Matching & Look 33. Manually Correcting Color Images Color Correcting Images Manually Adjusting Contrast Adjusting Saturation Adjusting Color 34. Using Color & Shape Masks for Targeted Corrections Targeting Specific Areas using a Color Mask Targeting Specific Areas using a Shape Mask Adding Multiple Corrections Copying & Pasting Corrections 35. Publishing to Apple Devices Sharing Your Projects Publishing to Apple Devices Monitoring the Encoding Process Viewing the Movie Inspector in the Share 36. Publishing to Blu-ray, Vimeo & QuickTime Publishing to Blu-ray Disc Publishing to Video Sharing Sites Exporting to QuickTime 37. Exporting using Compressor Overview of Compressor Compressor Exporting using a Preset Addition Contents +FxFactory Plugins +Compressor +FCPContent +Motion +MotionContent +ProAppsQTCodecs
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