Sonic Reality - Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition [RePOST] | 40.9 GB

Sonic Reality offers you 40 GB of the finest drum samples, what you just heard - plus a wide selection of presets, stereo submixes, and other bonuses. Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition allows you to control the pitch and tone of all the sounds from his vast collection, the recording was made in the studio of the famous Ocean Way Studio B, which was visited by an incredible amount of both legendary and now the trendy artists. Patented features I-MAP - MIDI note mapping and the ability to customize the drum kit - ensure you control with MIDI-keyboard in Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition has special maps for the drum pads.
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Additional information
• 40 GB of drum-kits
• Recorded in the legendary studio
• I-MAP mapping provides an amazing control of
• Compatible with drum controllers and DAW
40 GB of drum-kits:
Forces producers Saydsa Allen and Steven Miller (Allen Sides and Steven Miller) were recorded full drum kits the most incredible drum vst instruments - large and small drums, toms, hi-hats and cymbals, in the unique technique used to record multiple microphones , which captures the sound of each instrument with optimum sonic impact and spatial depth. A stunning variety of sounds offered in the preset-mixes created by these top engineers, so you can use not only the raw drum sounds, but a range of album quality and ready for use in professional mixes.
In addition, a virtually unlimited palette of sounds - you can experiment with different stereo submixes, changing their pitch, tone and adding these or other effects. Thanks to high-quality sound (24-bit/48kHz) in conjunction with the realism and expressive performance, Ocean Way Drums can be considered as a new standard in sampled drums.
Recorded at the legendary studios:
In semplingovyh sessions Ocean Way Drums utilized a one of a kind, unique console installation, created by veteran designer studio Putmanom Bill (Bill Putnam, Sr.). This unit in Ocean Way's Studio B delivers stunning clarity while working with a slew rate of 200 volts per microsecond. During its existence, in Studio B were recorded by such stars as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Green Day, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Radiohead, and many other brilliant artists. Here is one of the world's best sounding live rooms, as well as many of the collection of classic equipment. In sampling sessions were used as high-quality brands of classic console tools Neve, API, UREI, and Fairchild, plus rare, specially selected vintage tube microphones and special drum kits that have been recorded by top artists at Ocean Way for many years.
I-MAP mapping provides a stunning follow-up:
Sonic Reality's I-MAP - a proprietary MIDI note mapping functions and settings drum kit, which facilitates complex "live" performance with the AMD-whale by working with MIDI-keyboard. I-MAP places drums in their most natural and intuitive comfortable position that allows the fingers on both hands independent and coordinated control over the loaded kit. Quite a bit of practice - and you'll be able to play a full drum tracks without any difficulty, entirely realistic sound and rhythm.
Compatible with drum controllers and DAW:
In addition to the one described above, were created to manage special maps with modern drum pads - as, for example, Roland V-Drums. Many of the articulation of the I-Map were designed to run with maximum dynamics and the changing randomization, which provides incredible realism and expression when playing with the drum pads. And finally, you can get access to the samples, recorded with a certain mic channels for direct replacement of the sounds in the DAW, as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic, and so on. Ocean Way Drums - a complete solution for creating drum tracks of the highest quality for all styles of music!
40 GB Drumkit Sample Library offers:
• Recorded at Ocean Way Studio
• 40 GB of high-quality samples, recorded with the help of world-class microphones and classic outboard equipment
• I-MAP function mapping MIDI notes and tuning the drum kit for easy control with MIDI-keyboard
• Presets and stereo submixes
• special maps for the drum pads
• Access to samples, recorded with a certain mic channels

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