iGO Primo (PNA & PDA/Multilingual) + maps igo Q3 Europe 2011

iGO Primo (PNA & PDA/Multilingual) + maps igo Q3 Europe 2011 | 2.01 GB

iGO Primo - Best-selling navigation software. Also present in the assembly maps igo Q3 Europe 2011.

iGO Primo 8.5

Platform: Win CE, WinMobile
Compatibility with Vista: No
System Requirements: 64 MB of RAM.
Supported resolutions: 480x272, 800x480
Language: English + Russian

Maps igo Q3 Europe 2011

Release Date: 11.2011
Version: Q3
System Requirements: iGO
A compatible version of the card: iGO 8 R3
Coverage area: Europe

iGO Primo 8.5

Copy the contents of the memory card, fill up maps, poi, etc., run iGo.exe.

New features:
More than 30 new features and enhancements in the hundreds of IGO engine without sacrificing simplicity and innovative user interface.
Function ("Driver Alerts"), back-prohibitive and warning signs
Realistically displayed intersections and road junctions.
Substantially refined calculation of the optimal route, depending on time of day and day of week, using either preloaded with Speed Profiles of Tele Atlas,
Traffic Patterns or company Navteq.
And a lot of new ...

A. Copy the contents of the assembly to the device or memory card.
Two. If your device screen resolution of 800x480, then replace the files on branding.zip branding_800-480.zip file and data.zip on data_800-480.zip (or rename them by deleting unnecessary). If the resolution of your apparta 480x272, you can not change anything.
Three. In the folder, open the file utilility mapchanger.ini and verify that the paths for kartomenyatelya. If necessary, change your name SDMMC for storage.
4. In the Content folder, copy maps and poi following ways: maps from TeleAtlas and poi folder, copy the map and poi sottvetstvenno, maps and poi from Navteq in a folder and map_nt poi_nt respectively, the other cards in map_ot and poi_ot respectively.
More information can be found in the file mapchanger_readme.txt
Five. Check the port settings in your GPS sys.ini. If necessary, correct them. If you do not know what port and speed of set, set the iGo 8.3 (or other navigation software) and podsmotrite these options in the settings.

For example:
set_messages = 0
port = 7; port number
baud = 57600; Port Speed
6. Run and enjoy the beautiful iGo.exe navigation

Maps igo Q3 Europe 2011
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican, France, Monaco, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey Q2, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia .

Extras. Information: Present Files: 3dc, ftr, fda, poi, fpa, ph.

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