Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus - PLAYER (WINDOWS)

Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus - PLAYER (WINDOWS) | 899 MB

Welcome to Transverse Temporal Gyrus, where you can experience the installation we did with Danny Perez at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in March, 2010.
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That night Danny designed an immersive visual environment for people to hear a sound installation made of brand new songs and sounds we composed for the event. Over the course of a three hour period, a computer program designed by Stephan Moore deconstructed our sounds, randomly recombined their stems into new pieces, and panned the new pieces through a 36 channel surround sound system we installed on the museum lobby's spiral ramp.

You can download the program, which will perform the audio in a new and unique way each time you run it, and while listening, we encourage you to go into Danny's mind by exploring the images and videos that he created.

Enjoy - AC

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