Computer Bild Jahres DVD 2011 German-RESTORE

Computer Bild Jahres DVD 2011 German-RESTORE | 1,87 Gb

Computer screen is the largest circulation computer magazine in Germany and is aimed primarily at computer beginners. Each year a DVD on which all 26 books a year group in PDF format are included. When the installation is complete, all data from the DVD (which are approx. 2 GB) copied to the hard disk. Then the DVD is no longer needed. If you want to save disk space, choose the minimum installation, you must, but the DVD will be available.
For me, the DVD is a must every year since the great advantage of the digital version that you can search across all books by keywords. It is also possible to make products a year View by categories and sub-headings, or to read quite commonly an issue page by page. I mainly use the CD when a purchase is coming up and Im looking right reviews. Through the research opportunities, the DVD also the subscriber / purchaser of the magazine an added benefit. For my part I always dispose of at the end of the paper version and then use only the space-saving digital version.

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