Windows 7 xDark Deluxe 4.5 x64 RG

Windows 7 xDark Deluxe 4.5 x64 RG
Size : 4.9GB
Enabling | reg code: using activators
Language: English, Russian
File Format: iso

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Building on the basis of the original image of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 from the team xDark ?. The image is optimized with the WAIK, without removing any components. Kernel xDark..
In the "Start" menu you will find plenty of tools for tuning and optimizing the system. xDark ? Power Tools can be all you need to configure the operating system, making it very personal, and thus even faster than ever, giving you the ability to edit system files with just a single click, right, and supports a complete change or create a new Windows 7 Styles with 7 Integration of Style Builder.
If you are an experienced user, xDark ? Series 4.0 will allow you to create your own installers or run an application with different parameters in real time via the context menu. xDark allows you to have control over your system and applications faster and easier. You'll also find plenty of other options such as customizing the appearance of the system icons and applications individually, the option changes the file attributes, rename or copy the names of multiple files at the same time, maintaining the position of icons on your desktop to restore them when you want to ... and more ...

System requirements:
* 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit processor
* 2 gigabytes (GB) of ram
* 25 GB of free hard disk space
* Connect to the Internet
* dvd / USB hdd -Stick with more than 5.2 GB capacity
* DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher

Additional requirements for installation:
* Internet access (fees may apply)
* Depending on resolution video playback may require additional memory and advanced graphics subsystem
* Some functions of Windows Media Center may require TV tuner card and other accessories
* To use Windows Touch and Tablet PCs require special equipment
* HomeGroup network and requires a PC running Windows 7
* Works with CD / dvd requires an appropriate optical drive
* BitLocker requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1,2
* BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive

Automatic setup procedure:
* Select the time format and currency
* Select the Keyboard Settings
* Select the hard disk for installation
* Create a new user account

Disabled service:
* Restore windows
* Parental Control
* Remote Registry
* Hibernation
* Disk Defragmenter
* Offline Files
* Sending a service error windows
* The Program Compatibility Assistant
* Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
* Security Center
* Update the windows
* Search windows
(To enable, type services.msc in the Start menu search box and turn it from a services manager, or run XDark ? Services Manager)

xDark context menu:
* Added "Take Ownership" (files and folders) in the context menu by right-clicking
* Added "Open with notepad" context menu, right-click
* All items of "change.." Right-click context menu to send notebook
* Added "Clipname" (Copy name, path, DOS name, URL encoded name, coded name (), UNC-name) Context menu
* Added "Copy / Move to", right-click context menu
* Added "Register / Cancel Dll" right-click context menu
Added program Restorator, right-click context menu
* Added "Edit attributes" right-click context menu
* Added "Install" to right-click on the fonts.
* Added "Skin" right-click context menu

xDark Context Menu Desktop:
* Added "Clear buffer" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Rebuild Icon Cache" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Close does not meet the problem" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added a "Restart Explorer" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Removed the "Fonts" from the desktop and other contexts, right-click menu
* Added "Show / hide hidden files" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Show / Hide File Extensions" menu, right-click in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Run" menu, right-click in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Play DreamScene" right click menu in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Windows Command Script" menu, right-click in the context of the "Desktop"
* Added "Registration Entries" menu, right-click in the context of the "Desktop ->"
* Removed unlikely templates from the "New ->" Menu.

xDark computer context menu:
* Added "Command Prompt", right-click context menu, drives, folders and "My Computer"
* Added "Advanced System Properties" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added a "calculator" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added a "Control Panel" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Device Manager" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Control Mode" menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added a "notepad" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Registry Editor" in menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Task Manager" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Services" menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "System Configuration" menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "Add or Remove Programs" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added a "Shutdown computer" in the menu, right-click "Computer"
* Added "System icons" on the menu, right-click "Computer" -> Administration, the date and time, change the regional settings, folders, control mode, Internet Options, Network Connections, Power Options, Programs and Features, Run, Search, Services, user accounts.

Note: xDark ? v4.5 is an advanced modification for new and experienced users, xDark ? v4.5 has been debugged and tuned to work better with Windows 7. None of the components were not removed and no essential services are not disabled. When you first log into the system xDark ? script will install all the basic applications and restart automatically.

- Important Note: Windows Update is disabled by default. To turn on Windows Update, type services.msc, right click in Windows Update properties and enable it. Installation of new Windows updates may reset some of the settings and the integration of visual changes in xDark ? v4.5.

To install Russian Language Interface Pack (LIP), follow these steps.
Open "Regional and Language Options", clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, Clock, Language, and Region and the Regional and Language Options.
Click the Keyboards and Languages ??tab.
Under Language, click Install or remove a language and follow the instructions. Enter the administrator password or confirmation of the password, if prompted.
Start-vypolnitvvodim lpksetup, choose Russian cab-file.

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