Botanicula (2012) PC Multi12/ENG/RUS

Botanicula (2012) PC Multi12/ENG/RUS | 702.43 MB

Languages: Mukti12 - including ENG, RUS, FR, FER, SPA etc ...

Release by azaq318

Off. site:

The most talked-about Czech gaming studio in the last couple of years are preparing the release of one another beautifully attractive point & click adventure: Botanicula.
The �organic� title, and personal project of one of Amanita Design�?�s members: Jarom�r Plach�, will give you the control over 5 plants, stick insects or� botanical creatures that while wondering around their own ecosystem (a big tree) will try to stop dark spiders who seem to be sucking the life out of everything they encounter.




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