Linux Mint Debian Edition (XFCE & MATE/Cinnamon) 201204 RC


Linux Mint Debian Edition (XFCE & MATE/Cinnamon) 201204 RC | 4.48 GB

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is an alternative to Linux Mint (the project had always based on Ubuntu Linux) created by a batch base Debian testing. A key feature of the distribution is represented by a constant cycle of renewal packet basis (model of continuous updates, Rolling-release), in which the update packages out continually, and the user at any time has the ability to upgrade to the latest versions of programs.

LMDE is the epitome of plans on giving greater autonomy to Linux Mint, make the system more versatile product, and reduce dependence on trends in Ubuntu. The distribution is designed as a LiveCD, and is equipped with the new installer written from scratch specifically for LMDE. The package includes the original project (update manager, configurators, the menu interface, the system GUI-application).

The archive is RC-version environment with XFCE and environments MATE / Cinnamon.


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