FxFactory 3.0.2 Mac OSX FxFactory 3.0.2 Mac OSX FxFactory 3.0.2 Mac OSX | 738MB FxFactory is a revolutionary visual effects package which powers the largest collection of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express and Adobe After Effects. Orignal Provider --> Freshwap.com Version 3.0.2: Introduces five new products and more improvements to existing ones. This update is recommended for all users. CrumplePop SplitScreen X SUGARfx Punchline Nattress Film Transitions and Levels and Curves 2.0 Sheffield Softworks Vintage and Look Sweet [ Requirements ] One of the following: Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7 or 10 Final Cut Express 4 Motion 3, 4 or 5 Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 [ Plug-ins Included ] Boinx FxTiles.fxpack 3.1 MB Boinx FxTiles.fxtemplates 2.7 MB CrumplePop SplitScreen X.fxtemplates 7.6 MB Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D Toolbox LE.fxpack 3.4 MB Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D Toolbox LE.fxtemplates 1.9 MB Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D Toolbox.fxpack 6.5 MB DVShade EasyLooks.fxpack 4.8 MB DVShade EasyLooks.fxtemplates 4.6 MB DVShade LiveToon.fxpack 2.7 MB DVShade LiveToon.fxtemplates 3 MB FxFactory Pro Pack.fxpack 30.6 MB FxFactory Pro.fxtemplates 14.5 MB idustrial revolution ParticleMetrix.fxpack 9.7 MB idustrial revolution ParticleMetrix.fxtemplates 7.5 MB idustrial revolution SupaWipe.fxpack 13 MB idustrial revolution Volumetrix.fxpack 7.8 MB idustrial revolution Volumetrix.fxtemplates 1.6 MB idustrial revolution XEffects Tech.fxtemplates 5.1 MB Luca Visual FX Film Leaders.fxpack 65.1 MB Luca Visual FX Film Leaders.fxtemplates 6.5 MB Luca Visual FX Grunge Effects.fxpack 349.6 MB Luca Visual FX Grunge Effects.fxtemplates 8.3 MB Luca Visual FX Light Kit.fxpack 3.2 MB Luca Visual FX Light Kit.fxtemplates 15.3 MB Luca Visual FX Light Leaks.fxpack 57.8 MB Luca Visual FX Light Leaks.fxtemplates 2.4 MB Manifesto.fxpack 3.4 MB Nattress Film Transitions.fxpack 7.9 MB Nattress Film Transitions.fxtemplates 1.1 MB Nattress Levels and Curves.fxpack 3.8 MB Nattress Levels and Curves.fxtemplates 2.2 MB Photo Montage.fxpack 18.4 MB PHYX Cleaner.fxpack 1.1 MB PHYX Cleaner.fxtemplates 847 KB PHYX Color.fxpack 1.2 MB PHYX Color.fxtemplates 1.2 MB PHYX Defocus.fxpack 858 KB PHYX Defocus.fxtemplates 440 KB PHYX Keyer.fxpack 2.3 MB PHYX Keyer.fxtemplates 899 KB PHYX Stylist.fxpack 929 KB PHYX Stylist.fxtemplates 893 KB Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet.fxpack 4.7 MB Sheffield Softworks Look Sweet.fxtemplates 3.8 MB Sheffield Softworks Vintage.fxpack 2.7 MB Sheffield Softworks Vintage.fxtemplates 2.1 MB Storek Studio nVeil.fxpack 9 MB SUGARfx HUD.fxpack 17.2 MB SUGARfx HUD.fxtemplates 5.7 MB SUGARfx Lens Pack.fxpack 73.8 MB SUGARfx Light Pack.fxpack 74.9 MB SUGARfx Light Pack.fxtemplates 93.1 MB SUGARfx MagiMoto.fxpack 14.3 MB SUGARfx Punchline.fxtemplates 8.2 MB SUGARfx World Cup Studio.fxpack 4.2 MB Yanobox Moods.fxpack 1.5 MB Yanobox Moods.fxtemplates 8.4 MB Yanobox Motype.fxpack 9 MB Yanobox Nodes.fxpack 8.6 MB
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