PGI Workstation Complete 12.4 (x86/x64)

PGI Workstation Complete 12.4 (x86/x64) | 356.3/553.3 Mb

PGI Workstation Complete is PGI's flagship scientific and engineering workstation compiler bundle. It includes all features from both PGI Fortran Workstation and PGI C++ Workstation. PGI Fortran Workstation, The Portland Group's native parallelizing/optimizing FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90/95 and HPF compilers for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows workstations, provide the features, quality, and reliability necessary for developing and maintaining advanced scientific and technical applications.

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PGI C++ Workstation includes The Portland Group's native parallelizing/optimizing OpenMP C++ and ANSI C compilers. The C++ compiler closely tracks the proposed ANSI standard and is compatible with cfront versions 2 and 3. All C++ functions are compatible with Fortran and C functions, so you can compose programs from components written in all three languages.

PGI Workstation Complete includes an OpenMP and MPI enabled parallel PGDBG debugger and PGPROF performance profiler that can debug and profile up to eight local MPI processes, and includes several versions of precompiled MPICH message passing libraries.

PGI Workstation Complete for both Mac OS X and Windows consists of command-level versions of the PGI compilers and both command-level and graphical versions of the OpenMP parallel PGDBG debugger and PGPROF performance profiler. An integrated development environment (IDE) is neither provided
nor supported. As a separate product, PGI Visual Fortran fully integrates PGI Fortran compilers and tools into Microsoft Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio.

This product targets 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 workstations with one or more single core or multi-core microprocessors running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.