Phone Amego v1.4c6.001 Mac OS X | 7.4 MB

Phone Amego is designed to help you make the most of your phones by providing on-screen caller ID, click-to-dial, and Macintosh integration for Bluetooth cell phones, landlines, and VoIP.


* On screen caller ID with optional voice announcement
* Dial calls from your Address Book, Daylite, or selected text
* Supports popular Bluetooth phones including iPhone
* Supports landline phones through a USB modem
* VoIP caller ID with Linksys/Sipura or OBiHAI VoIP telephone adaptors
* Supports multi-line call monitoring hardware
* Caller ID sharing and remote dialing with other hosts on your LAN
* Keep notes on each caller in a shared database
* Thoughtful, uncluttered user interface


* Identify who is calling before you reach for your phone.
* Dial with ease when the number you want to call is already on your computer.
* Block or Ignore unwanted calls.
* Organize your call records and pull up caller information with a few clicks.
* Allows call accounting for billing or call management.

Phone Amego depends on Bluetooth which is not 100% reliable in every environment. If you have a question or encounter a problem, please contact the developer for assistance before posting a review. Phone Amego is a menu bar item so the only visual indication the application is running will be a telephone icon along the top right hand side of the menu bar.

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