Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extensions [Portable](x86/x64)


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extensions [Portable](x86/x64) | 667 MB

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - a program for processing raster grafiki.Podderzhivaetsya numerous graphic formats. Adobe Photoshop allows you to create new images and edit them. Photoshop used to create photorealistic images to work with color scanned images, retouching, color correction, transformation of graphs, color separation, etc. The best way to test the new version, use a portable assembly program, and then decide whether it is necessary to you in the system. The assembly is not curtailed, that would give the opportunity to try all the new items. Adobe Photoshop CS6 has all the methods of working with bitmaps, in this case is to work with layers and uses contours. The program is the undisputed leader among professional graphic editors due to its widest possibilities, high efficiency and speed. Adobe Photoshop provides all the necessary tools for correction, editing, preparing images for printing and high quality output.
New features:

Fill your stories with movement DSLR-Video in Photoshop. Convert videos and images as it was not possible before. Switch between screens and get more accurate results than ever before, with new drawing tools and graphics. Do your work in record time thanks to a substantial increase in productivity advanced workflow capabilities. «Smart Object» become even smarter. Thanks to "infinitely" scalable vectors based on a new Photoshop image pixels is able to perform operations such as deformation, interpolation, canvas rotation, 3D-manipulation, etc. Extended distortion correction. The ideal solution for the correction of panoramic and architectural images. «Smart Object» become even smarter. Thanks to "infinitely" scalable vectors based on image pixels, the new Photoshop is able to perform operations such as deformation, interpolation, canvas rotation, 3D-manipulation, etc. There are new drawing tools and graphics. "Dynamic Brush" - with great settings, dryness, toughness, transparency, full emulation of this brush. Integration of static images from video taken by DSLR-camera. Opportunity to voice control operations in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse. Dynamic layers. "Smart" layers, which can be controlled in real time and that can dynamically interact with other layers. Easier switching between screens, and optimize images for different monitor resolution. Thanks to the increase in performance workflow operations will now take up less time.

The new interface
Since the release of the last update was about two years, and today CS6 offers a new interface. We see that Adobe has shown love to the UI, and I must say that I'm impressed. You have a choice between four color schemes in shades of gray. You can choose a suitable in Preferences> Interface.

Stroke can be added to any shape or contour of any opportunity to use the following options:
Align - Choosing the external, internal or centered stroke.

Caps - This feature gives you the following choices: a stroke with square ends, ending in the same place and the circuit (Butt Cap), with rounded ends (Round Cap), or with square ends, ends with a little more than a circuit (Square Cap).
Corners - Selecting the rounded corners: Milter, rounded, and bevel.

Heading styles
Imagine that you just received from a client of TK, which contains a file PSD. This file contains 10 folders and each of them is the design of the page for the website. This is a very large file, and the client wants to change the font header on each page, it also asks you to change the font size in order to make headlines legible. This is a pretty simple request, but to implement it, have to do one / two things several times, modifying the font in each folder. It will take a lot of time.

Photoshop CS6 is 'heading styles styles', which significantly reduces the time to work with such requests. Use heading styles, you can effectively manipulate the text just like in CSS. You can assign tags' H1-6? and 'p' or any other style. When you create text, you can simply choose any style in the Window> Paragraph Styles.

Lorem Ipsum comes to CS6
It often happens that the simplest ideas are the most brilliant, and c CS6 is exactly the case. How many times have you leave the Photoshop to copy some text lorem ipsum? Now you no longer need to do this. You can simply insert lorem ipsum from the menu.
This is a very useful feature, but in my opinion, it would be much easier if this action could put the shortcuts.

The colors are now working with the hash tag
If you are associated with creating and maintaining Web sites, then you probably spend a lot of time jumping from Photoshop to the code editor, and vice versa. In previous versions of Photoshop took place one problem: the field, where the color value is entered did not support the pound sign (#).

This led to problems with color matching, which in turn required to check the colors in your browser, code editor, and Photoshop. In CS6 this issue is resolved. A trifle, but nice.

Standard sizes devaysov (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
It was only a matter of time before Photoshop will present the standard size for the type devaysov iPhone. This little feature will save us some time. In my opinion, a successful UI or a web designer needs to simplify their work and perform it for the shortest possible time
Another feature allows you to create an action that will create a document with the pre-selected UI elements. For example, you create the action for the iPhone, iPad and Android, which will automatically create a document and paste it into elements such as menus, controllers, and so on rails

Creating forms:

And the web, and the UI design yavlyutsya form very important elements. We use them for banners, boxes, input fields and in many other cases. Vector form of "evolved" very important changes in CS6. Let's take a look at them.
Snap Vector Tools and Transform to Pixel grid. - This tool has been significantly improved in CS6 and now offers the ability to bind the form to the pixel boundaries, including the Pen tool and the Ellipse. This means that the form will look smooth and even, with no sharp corners. This option can be enabled in Preferences>


Insert the attributes of forms - Clicking the right mouse button on the layer with the form, you can now copy the shape attributes (color and stroke) and paste it into another form.

The forms of the fibers - used to form layers in the panel looked just like a color square. Now you can see the form as it looks in reality.
Hide circuit. - You can now hide the outline form, using the keyboard shortcuts Command + shift + H / Ctrl + Shift + H.
Create a form with the specified size. To draw a shape the size you want, enter the desired value in the options bar.

Farewell to the Information bar, hello visual aid!
I do not even remember how many times I had to use a certain fixed size images. It was necessary to use the information panel to deal with it. In fact, this panel has not disappeared, so it's hard to say "goodbye Information Bar", but now you'll use it less and less.
In CS6 size of an element will be presented in a small tooltip. This is one of those functions, which is hard to imagine why it was not included in Photoshop before.
In CS6 size of an element will be presented in a small tooltip. This is one of those functions, which is hard to imagine why it was not included in Photoshop before.

Search by sectors:

That this function is perhaps the most necessary. I usually do not give the order file PSD. I am sure many will disagree with my practice, but I think that if the organization paid a lot of layers of time, my creative flow would be abated. If you act the same way as I do, then you will appreciate the ability to search for words.

Search allows you to filter layers on the following parameters:

Type - This option allows you to filter layers of pixel layers Adjustment layers, text layers, smart objects and figures.
Name - The name filter layer.
Effect - The filter layers on the layer style applied.
Blend Mode - filter applied to the layers blending mode.
Attribute - the attribute of the designated filter, for example, «locked» or «visible».
Color - filter layers by the way what color was assigned to the group.

Other changes:

Speed - When you run the CS6 Beta, surely you will notice that the overall speed increased slightly. This is due to the new engine of Photoshop, Mercury. Everything you do in Photoshop is now quicker and smarter than before.

Rename the layer and press tab, to rename the following - No comment. A remarkable feature!
Hide the layer styles in the Layers palette - When I pass PSD file to the client or developer, it is important to send it to a clean and organized. Now you can hide layer styles in the Layers palette, click on the arrow next to the layer, hold down option / alt.


whether it increases the speed of my work? A: Yes. Doing some tasks now takes much less time. CS6 was a big improvement for UI and web designers.

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