Windows XP 32-bit English Collection

Windows XP 32-bit English Collection
Windows XP English Collection - Original images from Microsoft
Years of Production: 2001-2008
Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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Bit depth: 32bit
Language: English
Crack: None
License types: OEM, Retail (FPP), VL
System requirements:
Minimum: Intel Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 1,5 GB HDD, CD-ROM
Recommended: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 4 GB HDD, DVD-ROM, Audio, Internet Connection.
Represent a complete collection of original images of Windows XP in English!

The images of operating systems on hand:
Windows XP Home Edition ENG RTM (OEM, Retail), SP1 (OEM, Retail), SP1a (OEM, Retail), SP2 (OEM, Retail), SP2b (OEM, Retail), SP3 (OEM, Retail)
Windows XP Professional ENG RTM (OEM, Retail, VL), SP1 (OEM, Retail, VL), SP1a (OEM, Retail, VL), SP2 (OEM, Retail, VL), SP2b (OEM, Retail, VL), SP3 (OEM, Retail, VL)
A total of 30 images.

Windows XP Home Edition, being the best platform for digital multimedia, is the most apt choice for home users and gamers.

Quick Start. Easy and simple installation process allows you to quickly install and configure the operating system.
Easy to use. Convenient and easy working environment for easy access to frequently used functions.
The increased reliability. Most reliable version of Windows, which provides stable operation for several users.
Improved system security. Advanced security technology improves protection against viruses and other threats.
More fun. Windows XP makes it easy to create home movies, publishing photos online, listen to music and party games.
Take music with you. Enjoy digital music recordings at home or on portable players.
Home PC - more than a computer. Create photo albums, chat with friends and family or listen to your favorite music.

Windows XP Professional is the best solution for companies of any size. This version of the Windows operating system combines the advantages of Windows 2000 Professional (eg, security, manageability, and reliability) with the best qualities of Windows 98 and Windows ME (support for Plug and Play, simple user interface and advanced life support). This makes Windows XP Professional the most suitable operating sistemoydlya desktops used in a corporate environment. No matter where you are installing Windows XP Professional - on a single computer or across a local network - this system increases the computational capabilities of the enterprise, odnovremennosokraschaya total cost of the software of all desktop computers

The differences in the types of licenses
- OEM versions are intended for use by companies - builders of systems to be installed on new PCs or upgrading / modifying existing PC (OEM - original equipment manufacturer or the manufacturer.) Requires activation.
Boxed Version (Retail) or FPP (full packaged product or a fully packaged product) for retail sale and subsequent use by consumers. Requires activation.
Corporate License for Volume Licensing programs designed for organizations that require at least 5 licenses. It does not require activation.
Functional differences in the system between these types of license no. Differ only in cryptography and key product activation requirement.
Differences between editions Service Pack
= SP1 and SP1a - The difference is that in the latter machine is not Microsoft's Java. Also, in order to install Service Pack 3, you need to have installed SP1a, whereas with SP1 you will not be able to do so.

= SP2 and SP2b - an update to the latest KB911164, which changes the behavior of ActiveX-elements in the browser Internet Explorer (in order to activate any element of ActiveX, you should press "Click to activate and use this control". The SP3 update is available. All distributions SP2-lying now on MSDN, it contains SP2b.

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