VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012

VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012 | 1.78 GB

Bootable USB drive to work and restore the system. Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a lightweight ("lite") version of Windows XP, run from any media of sufficient capacity - including read-only. The system is designed to prepare the computer to install the full OS. With WinPE you can split your hard disk partitions and format them to gain access to the LAN and the existing sections, including having to NTFS, and try to restore the system and save the data.
Supports most network interfaces including WiFi and popular SATA / SCSI / RAID. Sound and video drivers in this build there, but you can introduce yourself.
Compilation made without viruses and potentially dangerous software!

Extras. Information:
This assembly is a continuation of themes VasAlex BartPE CD / USB WIM Edition, but only for USB drives.
For a fast write USB drive, use UltraISO (is in the assembly)

How to add your program to integrate the missing driver and edit the assembly
Add and remove components of the assembly is very simple. You can add your program to catalog and VAPEPrograms draveyra directory Drivers_XP for XPE and Drivers_Win7 for Win7PE. Also, these directories can be installed from the existing drivers on Windows
Add or WIM (if the program contains many files, it needs a temp), or not packed portable software to catalog VAPE / Programs and put the file there link.shl, prescribe it as the name of the program, as will be referred to the menu and the name of the executable file . If you need to register, the register and imortiruetsya dobavlyaeetsya its settings in the section of the reg, and this by-ala - the next time you initialize the machine will be mounted in the panel display yarlychek to run the program.

Example link.shl launch FindAndMount.
Exe file. if the path begins with \ "\" He will be replaced by the current
exe = FindAndMount.exe
; A shortcut on the desktop - yes
desktop = yes
, A quick start shortcut
quicklaunch =
; Start menu
startmenu = Disk Utilities
; Menu
programs =
, The name of the label
lnk = FindAndMount
; Working directory
workdir =
; Arguments
args =
; Icon and its number
icon = FindAndMount.exe
; Hotkeys
hotkey =

And in this section prescribed programs that run when you insert the device (. Bat,. Exe,. Reg)
hide = yes
bat =
exe =
reg = pro.reg
And similarly when removing devices
hide =
bat =
exe =
reg =

Name shl file can be any.

Missing driver simply copy the appropriate drivers into the directory system. Also these directories you can set the driver to the newly installed system

Writing to USB with UltraISO
Open the image with UltraISO

If desired, you can edit the Programs with the right programs and catalog Drivers with drivers and after write to USB

and install the grub boot loader program grubinst_gui.exe of the program directory \ VAPE \ PROGRAMS \ 02_Portable \ DiskUtil \ grub4dos
VasAlex XPE & 7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012 (2012/ENG/RUS)
Or you can use syslinux - makeboot.bat run from the directory \ BOOT \ SYSLINUX
And can be used by other programs and utilities

Language : ENG + RUS

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