BackBox Linux 2.05 (i386/amd64)

BackBox Linux 2.05 (i386/amd64) | 1.94 GB
The development team BackBox Linux is a new stable release of the adjustment of the specialized distribution in GNU / Linux, designed for pen-testing and evaluating the security of computer systems.

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The distribution is based on Ubuntu 11.04, the kernel Linux 2.6.38 and Xfce 4.8.0.

System has been updated, bug fixes, performance improvements, improved menus start; improved driver support WiFi; added new hacking tools - Creepy, fern-wifi-cracker, Joomscan, Pyrit, Reaver, Xplico; fixes the following tools - Crunch, Fimap, Hydra, MagicTree , Metasploit ...

Title: BackBox Linux
Version: 2.05
Latest version: 2.05
Official site:
Architecture: i386 + amd64
Type of drive: DVD

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