Hidden Heart

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Title: Hidden Heart (2018)
Genres: Documentary
Description: Hidden Heart follows the stories of three second generation British Muslim women who find love outside their faith. The film delves intimately into their struggle to reconcile modernity with tradition; their internal conflicts and fear of ostracism and sheds light on the hidden tensions in our modern society between integration and tradition and the people who are at the heart of it. The film explores a new vision of cultural identity, defying the notion of a so-called 'clash of cultures' and challenging barriers to understanding between different communities. Although focusing on the lives of British men and women, the film will strike a chord with any and all of those around the world living in a tight-knit community, under pressure to maintain their identity.
Director: Zara Afzal
Writer: Zara Afzal
Actors: N/A
Rating: N/A
Votes: 12
Rated: N/A
Runtime: 52 min


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