openSUSE 12.1-2 Education Li-fe [i686]

openSUSE 12.1-2 Education Li-fe [i686] | 2.90 GB

OpenSUSE Education team is proud to present yet another version of OpenSUSE - Education Li-fe (Linux education) based on OpenSUSE 12.1. Li-fe comes with everything you might need for students, parents, teachers and administrators of educational institutions. The release includes the software for mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, as well as educational software for servers, KIWI-LTSP, Fedena, ERP, system Moodle for management training courses, with full support for multimedia, graphics, office suite, many popular programming languages, including including AMP, Java, C, C + +, Python and Ruby, the latest stable GNOME and KDE desktops.

Software for Education:
The distribution includes the following software for education:
Brain Workshop - A program to train the intellect
Chemtool - A two-dimensional chemical structures editor
Childsplay - A set of educational programs for young children
Dr. Geo - Interactive program for the study of geometry
Euler - Interactive math problems
GCompris - A set of educational programs for young children
gElemental - Periodic Table Viewer
iGNUit - The main program with flash cards
iTalc - Powerful program for teachers working in computerized classrooms
jMemorize - A program to memorize facts using flash cards system and Leitner
K3DSurf - A program for visualization and editing of mathematical models in three, four, five and six dimensions
Klavaro - Very simple typing tutor for children
KLogic - Numerical simulation of the circuit
KSEG - A program that allows you to create "living drawings" in plane geometry
KSimus - modeling, automation and visualization of electric circuits
KTechlab - Development of digital circuits.
Little Wizard - Development environment for children based on Pascal
Multiplication - Math Game to address the problems cartoons
Multiplication Station - Exercises involving addition, subtraction and multiplication
Plutimikation - Child's game for learning mathematics
QCAD - two-dimensional CAD software with open source software for creating engineering and architectural plans cherterzhey
Score Reading Trainer - A program to improve reading and evaluation notes
Stellarium - Virtual Planetarium.
TkGate - Event-driven simulator of electronic circuits with a graphical editor based on TCL / Tk
TuxMath - Educational math games for training
TuxMathScrabble - Addition, subtraction and multiplication in the game Scrabble
TuxPaint - Program for drawing, focused on young children
TuxType - typing tutor for children
wxMaxima - Computer Algebra System
XaoS - A powerful fractal generator
XDrawChem - Program for drawing two-dimensional chemical structures
XLogo - Interpreter Logo
YACAS - computer algebra system and programming language

And also:
Moodle - Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (CMS)
ATutor - open, based on the Web, Learning Content Management System (LCMS), developed with accessibility and adaptability in mind.
FreeSMS - A Web application for managing an educational institution
Inkscape - a vector graphics editor that can replace CorelDraw.
Blender - Package for creating three-dimensional computer graphics, which includes tools for modeling, animation, rendering, post processing, as well as the creation of interactive games.
XaraLX - Another vector graphics editor can replace CorelDraw.
Scribus - Application for a visual layout of documents.
GIMP - Graphics editor designed for creating and processing raster graphics.
LAMP - An open platform for web development. Live DVD contains the latest stable versions of the following components: Apache, MySQL, and PHP
Bluej - Easy-to-use environment for learning the Java programming language
Bwbasic - Baysik ideal language to start learning programming
Eclipse - a free integrated development environment modular cross-platform applications. Developed and maintained by Eclipse Foundation.
NetBeans - A powerful software development environment
Monodevelop - Integrated development environment for C #, Boo, IronPython and Visual Basic programmers who want to use Linux as the operating system
Anjuta - Universal integration development environment (IDE) for C and C + + in GNU / Linux.
Subversion - version control system with open source.
Git - version control system with open source code is primarily intended for quick and effective work with large projects
CVS - Dying version control system
OSC - Toolkit command line to the openSUSE Build System

Title: openSUSE
Version: 12.1-2 "Edu Li-fe"
Latest version: 12.1-2 "Edu Li-fe"
Architecture: i686

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