SpaceClaim V2012 - MAGNiTUDE

SpaceClaim V2012-MAGNiTUDE | 2.5 GB

SpaceClaim 2012 introduces significant new capabilities in reverse engineering, model preparation for simulation, manufacturing, and data reuse. These new capabilities build on SpaceClaims accessibility, ease-of-use, and low total-cost-of-ownership, enabling even more engineers, designers, and analysts to complete their projects with SpaceClaims innovative 3D direct modeling technology.
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Flexible configuration for large corporate and government deployments
Improved batch conversion to and from SpaceClaim
Lightweight viewing for improved collaboration
2D and 3D curve cleanup
Hole recognition and editing
Conversion of SketchUp models to precise solids
JT with PMI export
Significant performance improvements to large parts and drawings
Customer-driven drawing enhancements

1. Unpack&Install
2. Read .txt from /MAGNiTUDE dir
3. Enjoy

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