CompactSoft Bosch FSA 7xx 4.50 (01.2012)

CompactSoft Bosch FSA 7xx 4.50 (01.2012) | 6.34 GB

Here we have the truly awesome power of the Bosch FSA7xx series, these units are not just oscilloscopes, they are not just diagnostic scan tools, they are much more than either of these. The FSA unit is a specific motor trade orientated full systems analyser (hence FSA). The head unit incorporates a full on oscilloscope, but it is much more besides, a fully functional ignition analyser, pressure/vacuum tester, timing light etc.
SystemSoft includes:
-Test systems-car
-General guidelines for the testing Interactive-help
-Software for the signal generator, multimeter and oscilloscope

SompacSoft includes:
-Testing of vehicle components How-testing on a specific vehicle
-Database of customers

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