Shi Zhi-you & Zhang Fu-quan - 5 Albums Of A Series Of Music Gallery (1995-2006) APE EAC rip | 5 Albums | APE-image - Log - Cue | Covers | Release: 1995-2006 | 1.2 GB Genre: Chinese New Age Music Orignal Provider --> Tracklist: Flying Devata - Dunhuang 1.Flying Devata 2.The Sheng Player 3.Two Parrots 4.Deva-Dancer 5.Kalavinka 6.Celestial Music From Bell Tower Treasured Paintings of Ancient China 1.Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains 2.Travelers on a Mountain Path 3.Birds on a Blossoming Yellow-plum Tree 4.A-Thousand-Eye-and-a-Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva Guan Yin 5.Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains 6.An Evening Palace Banquet 7.Early Spring 8.Whispering Pines in the Mountains Zen Landscape 1.Fishing by the River 2.Flowers on the River 3.Happy for the Rain in the Pavilion 4.Imitation of DONG Bei-yuan`s Landscape 5.Willows after Thunder Rain 6.Nest Lake 7.Bamboo 8.Rocks Colors of Seasons 1.Spring upon the Lake???Qing Dynasty 2.Wu Li 3.After the Spring Rain???Southern Song Dynasty 4.Ma Lin 5.Summer Leaves of Banana???Ming Dynasty 6.Du Jin 7.High on the Summer Mountain???Yuan Dynasty 8.Wang Meng Riverside Towns, Misty Rain 1.Overlooking Mingling Waves in the Moonlight 2.Autumn Moon at Dong-Ting Lake 3.Portrait of a Xiang Town 4.Xiao, Xiang Scene 5.Autumn Blossoms at Pu Pond 6.Morning Glory in Spring 7.The Luminous Landscape 8.Attractions of the Riverside
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