Boot USB / DVD Strelec (22.04.2012)

Boot USB / DVD Strelec (22.04.2012) | 1GB

Boot Disk based on WinPE 3.1 to work with hard drives, backup and recovery system, eliminating problems with downloading.

Offers six options for download.
In each option, the following programs:

The tablet is not required
Minimum memory 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
For quick loading recommend using a bootable USB drive.
In the BIOS first boot device to set USB-HDD or CD ROM, respectively, or when the computer starts to cause the boot menu and select boot from USB-HDD or CD ROM, if the BIOS supports it.
If you want the disc was loaded immediately without inscription Press any key ...... , Remove from the image by opening it in UltraISO program from the folder BOOT file BOOTFIX.BIN, save your changes.
In this case, do not forget to remove the disc from the drive after booting the image, otherwise when you reboot will boot from the disc again. When you boot from the stick of the markings will not, so after downloading the image, it can also extract.

How to make a bootable USB flash drive:
Generic method is not, so I suggest you three options.

Language: English and Russian
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Mirror :

Mirror2 :

Mirror3 :

Mirror4 :