Sygic + Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update) [ANDROID]

Sygic + Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update) [ANDROID] | 736 MB

Sygic is a voice guided GPS navigation app. It's packed with MapMyIndia maps and a robust set of navigation features.
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Latest mapmyindia v7.0 included !

34 cities 3D/2D footprint and 4000 cities street level map is available in the update !

44 different voices !

see this pdf for detailed list of covered maps..


Installation Instructions:

1.Uninstall any previous versions if sygic installed..Make sure you removed the 'aura' folder from the SD card

2.install the .apk file provided

3.After installation Using sygic downloader (which will be installed in the phone), Download the Base Files and desired Map (around 450mb of base files + maps extra)

You have everything now but if you want the new mapmyindia v7.o proceed to step 4

4.Now for the latest mapmyindia, replace the contents of the map folders(in sdcard/aura/maps) ie i01.mi.2013.01 to i32.mi.2013 with contents in the new map folders provided in the torrent..(do not copy and paste folder)
Go to the individual folder and replace the contents !!

you can use the whole india map(by copying all the folders provided or individual states eg,folder i26.mi.2013.01 is for tamilnadu..

5.That's it ! You're done..Happy navigating!

Note: Activation also not required as sygic is already cracked
It will work without any flaw.

Please do not attempt to ?CyActivate?CO the product. Your app will go back to trial version if you do so.

OPTIONAL: You may use an email and password to log-in to Sygic when it prompts. You will get access to additional features like weather, etc. without affecting the app.

Mirror: Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part1.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part2.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part3.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part4.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part5.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part6.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part7.rar.htm Mapmyindia v7.0 (March 2012 update).part8.rar.htm

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