Push Button Bang House Builds & Breakdowns WAV REX

Push Button Bang House Builds & Breakdowns WAV REX | 1.21GB

HouseBuilds & Breakdowns from Push Button Bang brings you 1.2GB ofastounding high quality House material, all focused on creating epicrises and breakdowns. From dense layered crescendos to funky drops thispack contains only high energy dancefloor wrecking material; anunmissable pack.

Create the perfect hands-in-the-air moment withHouse Builds & Breakdowns, a collection that is guaranteed to giveyour tracks the crescendos and climaxes to destroy dance floors andlift crowds up, up and away!

This enormous compilation of specialFX, melodies, tonal flourishes and rhythm loops has been created withjust one thing in mind: helping you deliver explosive and unique droppoints in your house production.
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A massive 1.2 GB of contentgives producers, DJs and Ableton Live performers an almost unlimitedamount of creative climactic possibilities. Manipulate single samples orblend loops together to generate breakdowns on a small or epic scale;apply melody parts and tonal touches to add new colour to productions oruse them as the inspiration for entirely new tracks... the choice isyours.

The FX Based section includes Myriad drop FX and multiplelayered, evolving crescendo FX, to use separately or combine togetherfor a wide-screen sound. A unique feature gives each build a numberof outs at different bars, allowing you to decide just how much of theloop you want to utilize, whilst all contain FX tails for trulyseamless integration.

The Tonal section features a multitude ofmelody and tonal components alongside noise variations to create depthand transition. This section also features 5 purpose-built breakdownkits, complete with MIDI parts, specifically designed for housecrescendo formation.

The Rhythm section enables you to quicklyadd movement and energy with an assortment of noise rhythms, pulses,drum builds and momentum under-lays to push your drop to the edge.

Loopsrange from 2 to 64 bars in length, with tempos at 126 and 128 BPM, andas youd expect from a Push Button Bang release, all samples are inpristine 24-Bit quality, with root notes and tempos assigned on relevantmaterial.

DJs and Ableton Live performers will be awed by thislibraryA�s potential for creating additional movement in their sets, oruniquely lengthening, re-shaping or remixing tracks on-the-fly.

Nomatter what style of House music you produce, House Builds &Breakdowns is guaranteed to deliver momentum, suspense and explosionwith minimum fuss and maximum impact.

Tech Specs:
? 1.2 GB Of Content
? 24Bit/44.1KHZ
? 385 WAV Loops And Samples
? 155 REX Files
? 20 MIDI Files

FX Components:
? 20 4-Bar Builds With 1- TO 4-Bar Outs
? 20 8-Bar Builds With 1- To 4-Bar Outs
? 10 16-bar Builds With 2- To 4-Bar Outs
? 20 Big Hits And Cymbal Rolls
? 20 Drop End FX Movements
? 20 Drop Noise Exits
? 15 Drop Momemntums
? 10 Rise-To-Falls

Tonal Components:
? 30 Tonal Drops Rises And Wobbles
? 40 Melody Loops
? 10 Vox Loops

5 Breakdown Kits:
? 70 Melody Loops And Hits
? 20 MIDI Files

Rhythmic Components:
? 5 Kick Loops
? 25 Noise Gate And Chain Loops
? 10 Noise Repeat Builders
? 25 Rhythmic Build Loops
? 25 Rhythm Repeaters




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