Spaceclaim 2012 (x86 / x64)

Spaceclaim 2012 (x86 / x64) | 1.71 GB

SpaceClaim Engineer is the world�s fastest and most innovative 3D direct modeler. SpaceClaim Engineer brings 3D solid modeling to the desktops of engineers and analysts who work in a 3D, with a simplicity and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) never seen before in CAD. SpaceClaim's 3D Direct Modeling technology revolutionizes the way you think about working with 3D solid models because it lets you focus on your design without the complexity of traditional CAD. For example, you can reuse data without planning and remix geometry from other designs, even those created in CAD systems. You can take a design where it needs to go, regardless of how it was built or the CAD system in which it was created.
With SpaceClaim Engineer, you benefit from a:

Short learning curve
Low entry price and total cost-of-ownership
Fast return on investment

SpaceClaim enables engineers to easily create concepts and prepare 3D designs for digital prototyping, analysis, and manufacturing. SpaceClaim Engineer is especially suited for engineers and designers who need a tool that enables simulation-driven product design for:

Concept Modeling
Bid Modeling
CAE Model Preparation
Manufacturing, including:
Additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping)
De-featuring and adjusting for NC programming
Sheet metal manufacturing
Mold manufacturing
Reverse Engineering
Industrial Design
Jewelry Design

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