Nessun Dorma (0000) [1080p] [BluRay] [5.1] [YTS MX]

IMDB information:
Title: Hung sau wan mei seui (2016)
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Description: Primary school teacher Brian Fong (Andy Hui) becomes depressed after his wife's suicide. Unable to take care of his dog, he decides to leave it with Beloved Pets, where he befriends founder Jasmine Tsang (Janice Man). Pressed by her family, Jasmine agrees to a marriage of convenience. A week before her wedding, she gets cold feet. Jasmine looks for Brian in the country side to find out if he shares her feelings. Only then will she have a reason to try to live the life she wants. Unfortunately, Brian is unwilling to commit. The heart-broken Jasmine drives home alone and is attacked. When she finally comes to, she finds herself locked up in a room naked. During her confinement, her captor seems to be sleepless and she often hears the theme song Nessun Dorma from Puccini's masterpiece Turnadot.
Director: Herman Yau
Writer: Erica Li, Zendrodic
Actors: Janice Man, Andy Chi-On Hui, Ka Tung Lam
Rating: 4.6
Runtime: 86 min
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Rate: N/A

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