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iClone - a program for creating three-dimensional animation. In it, users can find ready-made 3D-characters, as well as everything you need to create their virtual living space - the clothes, props, scenery. In iClone is a large library of motions that you can specify characters. But the most interesting features of the program - to use for those characters pictures of real people. It uses patented technology FaceTrix, converting a photo into a three-dimensional object. IClone projects can be used both for work and as a 3D-screensavers, screensavers for mobile phones and DVD home video.
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The program interacts well with 2D-graphics editors, so goodbye texture editing, as well as the support of 3ds Max and Maya, by which you can create a library of elements for the characters. All scenes can be visualized in real time based on topography, reflection and transparency.

Features iClone:
Photo Realistika 3D models quickly and easily
Easily create 3D avatars
Personalize a virtual view, the nature, scale, body, hair, objects, clothes, supplies and structure
Motion capture animation, like the reality of dance and natural human motion
Synchronize music - automatically sync motion to music rhythm
Editor of motion - creative potential, which does not limit your opportunities to create virtual models
Support 2D/3D scenes

What's new in the fifth version of the program:
Seamless Motion Connection
The motion graph system consists of hundreds of well-calculated, daily motions for top mocap quality. It automatically generates natural transitions between previously selected motions for male or female actors. Its motion graph technology presents a general framework for human motion states to blend together seamlessly. Storytellers simply need to select target motions under different states such as; standing idle, sitting, kneeling or lying down. It then automatically sequences motions, and blends them together in a naturally believable manner.
Human IK Motion Editing
Licensed from Autodesk �, the same core technology of Motion Builder for human motion control; iClone5 meets the highest standards of human bone structure and motion editing systems. Using Human IK as the core character engine allows your 3D characters to now have automatic floor contact, while the intuitive real-time IK motion control keeps a proper body balance. Props also have motion controls with flexible motion adaptations such as holding a gun with both hands, or advanced person-to-person interactions such as shaking hands.
Body Puppeteering
You may use a mouse or any other handheld device to create an unlimited number of motion variations to reflect your character's personality. Users may select body parts and add puppet behaviors, while they control their animations during playback or real-time recording. You may also manually control the puppeteering speed and direction, or let the animation loop with slider alterations. Animators are also able to create frequent motion alternatives with 55 different puppet profiles found in four categories.
Ambient Occlusion
Ambient occlusion is a newly added shading method in iClone5 which helps add realism to models and scenes. It enhances edge shadows by simulating the attenuation of light due to occlusion. Ambient occlusion simply attempts to approximate the way light radiates in real life, especially off what are normally considered non-reflective surfaces.
Post FX & Toon Shading
Cartoon rendering and cell shading allows animators to create a flat-looking 3D image with a cartoonish look typically exemplified in artistically animated movies. With enhanced post FX rendering options - iClone5 users can render and create key-able visual effects like; blur lens, sketch, or black & white movies. This allows for a whole range of amazing post effects that transform any 3D animations into top-notch studio art motions.
Physics - Rigid Body
Rigid body dynamics enable you to simulate objects with a high degree of realism such as fall, collide and bounce. All these movements are controlled by physics properties such as; mass, elasticity, friction, damping, impulse, collisions, constraints, and others. You may even add rigid body physics to any prop or character to add another dimension of interactivity between subjects.
Physics - Soft Body
Soft body dynamics focus on realistic physical simulations that deform whole objects and singular plane such as clothes. Animations are now incredibly life-like as objects can accurately represent their elastic effects like rubber, squashed balls or jelly puddings. You may even simulate cloth effects from a singular plane with different material stiffness such as silk, linen or any other materials that will be affected by air resistance.
Kinect Motion Capture
IClone5 offers the most affordable and intuitive, motion capturing solution in the industry. Now you may simply use your body to control virtual actors, in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations. Lightspeed your animations and create realistic-looking motions as now you can literally control actors with your body movements.

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