Mageia 2 Beta 1 (i586/x86/x64) | 6.72 GB

Project Mageia (IAC) was launched in September 2010 as a fork of Mandriva Linux. It is supported not-for-profit organizations. Supported architectures i586 and x86_64. Available images with Mageia, using as a desktop environment KDE, GNOME and LXDE.

Major new features: stable Glibc 2.14.1, the latest stable kernel release 3.2.6; Dracut as a tool for creating initrds (initial ramdisk, which is used at boot time), KDE 4.8.0, GNOME 3.3.x and 3.4 in order to achieve . x in the final version, the modern LXDE packages, including PCManFM 0.0.10; etc.
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