Year: 2000
Genre: solo / masturbation
Duration: 1:25:38
Directed by: Dylan Ryan
Studio: Jet Set Men
Starring: Rocker, Malek, Syndec, Lang, Holmes
Description: Each of the five guys in this solo flick is hot and sexy, yet they are wildly unique. The stars are young, ranging in age from 19 to 23.
Cover boy Rocker resembles one of the Nelson twins of the late eighties, with that long blonde hair. However he is completely sculpted and sports a beautiful cock. Lang and Holmes are all American and have the ever-popular boy next door look while Malek and Sydnec are the movie's Euro studs.
Syndec performs first. He enters a hotel room, grabs a drink and then begins to worship himself while seated on the couch. He is all smooth muscle and seems to enjoy licking his biceps and teasing his tiny little nipples before explore the southern regions.
Eventually he strips off his boxer briefs to reveal a perfectly tanned, hairy ass. His butt is absolutely magnificent; it is easy to see why he spends so much time playing with it.
While fingering himself he manages to get his pretty uncut cock up. This dick isn't going to win any size contests, but it is great just the same. (You just know that if this wasn'ta solo venture Syndec would be a delightful bottom boy!) Continuously playing with his hole, he humps the couch in a variety of poses before shooting a smallish load on his pubes. He scores big points for eating his jizz.
Next we see Lang, standing in the doorway of what would have to be the house next door. Wearing skimpy white shorts he fetches the newspaper and begins to read it while sitting on the stoop. He must be looking at an underwear advertisement, because soon enough he too is caressing his biceps and squeezing his package. He drops trou in the doorway and briefly shows off his pretty ass before stroking his flaccid friend. Like Syndec, he concentrates a lot on his ass as a way of getting his tool hard. His cock is also not the biggest one in the locker room. In fact, as pretty as it is it seems pretty average for porn. He has a big head though, and shoots ample amounts of goo onto his stoop.
Tall drink of Euro-water Malek is up next. He is back in the hotel room and wastes no time fondling himself through his dress pants and quickly peels them off. Malek's uncut cock is big, beautiful, and immediately hard. He wears white designer briefs that look oh-so-good next to his lanky, toned, tan bod. Malek humps the bed and gives his hole and foreskin some attention before popping out shots of cum that fly up and over his head. Like his crony, Malek tastes his own juices. This is the scene to replay!
Arriving in a pick-up truck (a Chevy, no less!) American man Holmes surveys the property before surveying his long, luscious body. He makes his way to the side of the pool and begins to strip off his jeans. This guy is so boy next-door that he isn't even wearing designer underwear! Once naked we are privy to the sight of his dynamic cock. Still soft if hangs halfway to his knee, keeping his thick thigh company. Making his way to the flag (that's right!) He begins to stretch and bend before finally giving his cock some much-deserved attention.
Lastly we have the aforementioned Rocker - apparently named after his hair. Rocker appears like a California surfer guy, in board shorts. He takes a swim in the pool, wetting that metal-band hair before starting his masturbatory action. While stroking his cock he swings his head back and forth, managing to get the locks all dry before retiring to the lawn chair to squirt a nice load of creamy goo all over his beach boy torso.

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