Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet STEAM UNLOCKED-ALI213
Year: 2012 | Platform: PC | Language: English, Multi6 | Publication Type: Repack
Publisher: Fuelcell Games | Developer: Fuelcell Games | 2.18 GB
Genre: rcade

Produced by Fealcell Games, Microsoft Game Studios released action-adventure game of the crazy twisted shadow planet (Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet) landing Xbox 360 in August last year. According to ESRB's new games list revealed, landing the PC.
This is a combination of the two elements of action-adventure and puzzle puzzle game which, where no more music, special effects, even less glamorous blast effects, using a simple cartoon style paint vivid scenes, modules, and filled with treacherous and ever-changing mix of symphonic music, showing a similar early Mickey Mouse full-length animation film. In the game, the player is driving a flying saucer that carry all kinds of high-tech equipment, clear the dark spore creatures on the planet, and interpret a variety of brains to puzzle levels, and thus restore the original appearance of the planet.
Control mode of the game is very simple, players only need to use the analogy of left moves the spacecraft, the launch of Spore while dodging organisms, or flipping the right analogy to adjust the direction of weapon launch, as well as the RB button to switch to use laser guns, scanners, saw blades, hoists and other weapons, to break through the difficulties faced during the adventure. Course, with s crisis a step step to approximation, players by made of each species weapons also their has different of function, took game a began on equipment in spacecraft Shang of scan device,, it is in adventure of journey in the only can with players communication of tools, dang suffered to card closed or cannot killed off of enemy Shi, can using scan device to scan scene and enemy, scan device will to diagram of way to tips players next of processing method.

"Installation instructions"
1. download
If you haven't installed the GFWL (game for Windows Live) Please install:
\insanely twisted shadow planet\support\GFWL\gfwlivesetup.exe
2. wait for DVD-free patches
3.extract crack and copy it to the game folder
4.start the game from play.exe