Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning v1.0.0.2 [2 DLC] - THETA
Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: 38 Studious \ Big Huge Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 1.29 GB
Genre: Role-Playing

"The Legend of Dead Kel"
The legendary pirate Dead Kel and his accomplices on the fearsome North Sea Amalura. Embark on a journey to a remote island hanged. Discover new weapons and maps of twist of fate, to conquer the island. Capture the Castle Greyvhol, perform many additional tasks and battle treacherous enemies.

"Teeth of Naros"
For decades, the Colossus, a proud tribe of people whose faith was as great as the height, traveled through the lands of Amalura in search of his destiny. But they are not always lucky. During the expedition to the Fang Narosa, Sekandra and a detachment of soldiers, Colossi of the Titans found out the riddle, and only you can help to solve it. The secret power of the Colossi beckons to the fate that they may not want or are not prepared to accept. Pass a test of faith - do battle with hordes of new enemies, fantastic to see whether you left support for the gods. You will receive an epic adventure with lots of jobs in the heavenly land, which opened only a few. Climb to the top of the city, soaring above the canines Narosa to the edge of the eye to behold the future Amalura.

In addition to the amendments, the release includes the following content:
- Weapons & Armor Bundle
- Fate-Touched Weapons Pack
- The Destinies Choice Pack
- The Ultimate Treasure Hunter Pack
- Confident - Twist of Fate
- Omniblades - daggers
- Twinned Souls - chakrams
- Infernal Helm - armor
- Destiny's Spiral - shield
- Destiny's Distress - shield
- Spinning Tom's Anvil - shield
- Elixir of Inspiration - consumable
- Shepard's Armor Set
- House Of Valor (aka Online Pass) - gladiator arena, right in the middle of the global map.
Harbinger - Twist of Fate -

Features repack:
- Repak is based on the release of the DLC THETA, from which removed all languages ​​other than English
- The release includes an upgrade to version 1.002, and enclosing a tablet from the THETA

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9c
2.2 GHz dual