Just Cause (ENG/PS2)
PS2 | ENG | Region: PAL | Type: DVD | ISO | 2.47 GB
Genre: Modern Action Adventure

In Just Cause you will be the role of Rico Rodriguez - a special agent of the CIA, the master of changing regimes and destabilize the government. At this time, he was instructed to overthrow the government of San Esperito, smelling of corruption and violating human rights. According to intelligence, they also produce weapons of mass destruction, so that your mission is vital for the maintenance of peace and humanity.
Imagine a non-linear Grand Thief Auto. There you drove only cars, but here it is possible planes, boats, helicopters and even armor! More than a thousand square miles of game space, dosed with objects and characters, beaches, jungles, cities and villages. All this is accompanied by excellent graphics and music.