avast! Rescue Disc 2012 7.0 Build 1426 | 1.36 GB

Warning: avast! Rescue Disc Registry Editor (Registry Editor) will only work with registries operating systems WindowsNT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.
Antivirus and antispyware
Uses the latest kernel of avast! for scanning and subsequent treatment of your PC from viruses.
Disk Cleaner
Cleans up your hard drive from the "garbage" files. Such as the browser cache, cookies, temporary files in folders (temp), etc. There is also a function of error correction hard drive.
Registry editor
Allows full editing of the registry of the operating system. Is a function of backup (backup backup the registry for its subsequent recovery in the event of erroneous actions).
Viewing the log
Allows you to view the log analysis of Windows to have arisen in the course of operating system errors.
Management services, and drivers
Allows you to manage system services and drivers (enable / disable). Including unknown disable system services that may be part of the viruses and other malicious software. Also, if necessary, you can install the new device driver (for example additional external drives that are required to work with an infected PC at the moment).
Updating antivirus databases
Allows you to quickly set up an Internet connection to receive virus definition updates for the Rescue CD (recommended to do just before you scan your PC). If the computer can not connect online for any reason, you can simply specify the folder with your antivirus databases (>> download)
The shell
Allows you to work with the command line Windows, not loading the operating system.
A simple text editor
Allows you to open, create and edit text documents on your hard disk.
Firm shell avast! Rescue Disc
Ergonomic console with all utilities Rescue Disc allows you to quickly carry out the procedure for the treatment of your computer or laptop from various types of malware infections obepecheniem.
Extras. Info: avast! Rescue Disc allows you to load a damaged PC, provides many options for recovery, and provides you with an extra copy of the installation files from avast! Boost unlimited access to the "back door" of your PC.
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