Drum Drops Disco Drops [MULTI] | 8,7 Gb

'Disco Drops' offers you a comprehensive collection of authentic Disco drums, including all session files for the ultimate in flexibility. MIDI tempo maps, project files and separated drum mics are all included for remixing and chopping. Pre-rendered loops are also included.

Keith Le Blanc started out as a session drummer for the infamous Sugarhill Records, working with Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel on classics such as The Message, Freedom, White Lines, the Treacherous Three and many more.

Now Keith goes back to his roots with 20 drum tracks of Four to the Floor classics ranging from 106-137 BPM in multi-track format featuring separate Kick, Snare, Hat, Toms, Overheads, Percussion and FX. More than 7 gigabytes of tape saturated beats is included.

Recorded and mixed on a 1970s Neve console, analog tape, vintage microphones and outboard gear including multiple Pultec equalizers, Fairchild compressors, Ludwig and Gretsch kits were used with vintage Zildjian cymbals and snares by Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland.

About the Multi Track Versions:

Listen to the preview samples to find the Drumtrack/s that you require and purchase the appropriate pack/s for your music. Download the files and import into your DAW. Become the recording engineer as you get full access to all the Mic recordings used in the session, change the mix, delete tracks and create your own mixdowns and loops for original flavor and professional results every time.

Use the included Drumdrops tempo map so your sequencer or DAW follows the timing and groove of the drumloop, to ensure you get excellent results every time.

Drumdrops multitrack downloads are all easy to use; all audio files start from the same point, Tempo mapped ProTools LE, Logic 6 and Cubase SE session files are included and the files are supplied with 16-Bit .AIFF previews for easy auditioning, and MIDI files with tempo map info for importing to other DAWs.

About the Loop Pack Versions:

Finely tuned 2-4 bar loops taken from the Multi Track sessions and are ready to drop striaght into your music. Incuded are fully mixed and drum seperate versions where each kick, snare, cymbals and percussion are seperate loops to give more flexability when mixing.

These loops have been Acidised, Apple Looped and Recycled so they will automatically fit the tempo of your songs and projects. Tempos range from 110-133BPM

WAV/REX Loop Pack Versions

Pack 1 Includes:

пїЅ 110 BPM - 10 audio tracks пїЅ 263MB
пїЅ 112 BPM пїЅ 13 audio tracks пїЅ 342 MB
пїЅ 113 BPM пїЅ 12 audio tracks пїЅ 299 MB
пїЅ 114 BPM - 10 audio tracks пїЅ 258 MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Pack 2 Includes:

пїЅ 114BPM пїЅ 11 audio tracks пїЅ 225MB
пїЅ 116BPM пїЅ 14 audio tracks пїЅ 443MB
пїЅ 117BPM пїЅ 10 audio tracks пїЅ 255MB
пїЅ 117BPM 2 пїЅ 11 audio tracks пїЅ 284MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Pack 3 includes:

пїЅ 118BPM пїЅ 10 audio tracks пїЅ 262MB
пїЅ 110BPM пїЅ 12 audio tracks пїЅ 118MB
пїЅ 112BPM пїЅ 15 audio tracks пїЅ 404MB
пїЅ 133BPM пїЅ 11 audio tracks пїЅ 280MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Pack 4 Includes:

пїЅ 113BPM2 пїЅ 15 audio tracks пїЅ 378MB
пїЅ 114BPM пїЅ 12 audio tracks пїЅ 247MB
пїЅ 116BPM2 пїЅ 14 audio tracks пїЅ 360MB
пїЅ 117BPM2 пїЅ 15 audio tracks пїЅ 378MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Pack 5 Includes:

пїЅ 118BPM пїЅ 9 audio tracks пїЅ 222MB
пїЅ 120BPM2 пїЅ 12 audio tracks пїЅ 243MB
пїЅ 124BPM пїЅ 11 audio tracks пїЅ 267MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Pack 6 Includes:

пїЅ 127BPM пїЅ 11 audio tracks пїЅ 290MB
пїЅ 131BPM пїЅ 14 audio tracks пїЅ 257MB
пїЅ 132BPM пїЅ 14 audio tracks пїЅ 351MB

пїЅ Single Hits пїЅ 128 Files пїЅ 55.9MB

Please note:
All samples here are provided as multiple mic пїЅstemsпїЅ from the original recording sessions which you can reload into your DAW for complete control over the sound and mixdown.

You are not supplied with a collection of finely edited short loops; these are multitrack recordings brought to you and so for each loop you get multiple files from different mic positions which can be quite large.

The flexibility and usefulness of the Drumdrops multitrack series is unprecedented and allow total freedom on the sound and groove in modern music applications and provide a full Drumloop for a reasonable duration so that you ca easily chop and edit the mulittracks to create your own authentic beats and songs.

Drumdrops Mutlitracks will work with Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools Elastik Audio, and also you can import the files into Ableton and Reason, Sonar and all other software music
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