SPC International Album Express 3 Win Standalone Lab Portable | 884 Mb

Album Express is a useful tool for any photographer who wants to showcase his photographs.

There are many different methods which can be used to display your photos. However, some of these are quite difficult to use. Album express makes it very simple to create online photo albums.

Album Express 3 Laboratory" is developed with idea to bring together Professional Photo Laboratory and Professional Photographer. "Album Express 3 Laboratory" is a Professional Workflow Software which permit to create a high quality professional digital album. "Album Express 3 Laboratory" gives a good oportunity for every type of Professional Photo Laboratory.

With "Album Express 3 LAB" your photo lab can offer its customers a free copy of our best software. SPC will even customize the splash screen with your own logo!!
Album Express 3" LAB Version provides the same functionality as "Album Express 3 Professional" TO YOUR LAB AND TO YOUR CLIENTS. It is divided into two components: The Lab (you) and the Client (your customers).

The Lab version is installed and operated at your facility. This allows you to keep total control over your Client’s end product. The Client version although personalized is totally dependent on the Lab. The Client can design the album, but must send the end product to your Lab for printing. Simply put this means that only your Lab can open, adjust, print, and even export the images of the end product designed by the Client; your Client can’t. The albums can be sent to the Lab using the built in FTP feature or can be saved on a CD/DVD by the built in disk-burning feature.

While the Lab version is limited to two licenses (additional licenses can be purchased separately), the Client has an unlimited number of licenses. No need for bulky keys or lengthy activation codes. The Client can download the software from your Lab website or can get it on a CD/DVD. You alone have total control over the distribution of the client’s copies.

Album Express 3 LAB Version lets you provide the foremost cutting edge technology to your clients free of charge increasing your client base and profit margin exponentially.

"Album Express 3 LAB" at a glance:
• 1600 Layout Templates
• 40 Templates with 3D tecnology
• 570 Masks
• 60 Frames
• 190 Clipart
• 290 Backgrounds
• Built-in Effects Editor
• Built-in Text Editor
• External Photo Editor Support
• Share Project
• CD/DVD Recorder
• FTP Upload Client

Album Express 3 Laboratory" is available in 15 different languages:
• English;
• Spanish;
• French;
• Italian;
• Portuguese;
• Polish;
• Greek;
• German;
• Japanese;
• Russian;
• Chinese;
• Greek;
• Hebrew;
• Korean;
• Dutch;
• Available for Win and Mac

"Album Express 3 LAB" in depth:
"Album Express 3 LAB" is a stand alone. It may be connected with all types of the external editors for WIN and MAC: Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Nik software, Corel Photo Paint...

"Album Express 3 LAB" is divided into two parts:
*the 1st - Laboratory's part. The Lab's part is installed and operated at your facility.
*the 2nd - Client's part. This part is personalized ( the laboratory has to provide us with its logo and its website). The client can take it from the laboratory by download or on CD, DVD. The number of licenses of the client's part is unlimited. The Client's personalized part of "Album Express 3" LAB is totally dependent on the Lab's part of the software. The customer can design the album and must send the cripted project to this laboratory for printing by FTP or on CD, DVD.. Only this laboratory can open and print his cripted project.
The working time on a personalized version of "Album Express 3 LAB" is 30 working days.

The laboratory has to provide us with:
* website;
* the preset sizes of albums and the preset sizes of the sheets for printing;
* FTP account ( if there isn't any server in this moment the FTP software won't be custamized now, but it can be modified by their clients)
The work about the personalized version of the software starts when the payment of 30% from the total sum is done in advance.
The package of "Album Express 3 Lab" includes:
- "Album Express 3" laboratory's part (WIN version and MAC version);
- "Album Express 3" client's part (DVD master for WIN version and DVD master for MAC version);
- two USB Dongles for activation of the Laboratory's part;
- 4 paper Cromadepth 3D Glasses.

What Is It?
Album Express makes it very simple to create professional looking photo albums. This is a very easy app to use, as it features a wizard interface which will guide you through all of the processes. Album Express is designed by Fookes Software. This is the same company which develops NoteTab text editor software.
Displaying Photos
There are a number of different ways which you can use the software to display your photos. You can create a slide show, catalog, or build an online image database which can be searched through easily.
This application can be used on any Windows based computer. This includes the latest version of Windows 7.
Easy to Use
Anyone will be able to use album express regardless of their computer skills. You simply need to follow the instructions to create the slide show or online photo album.
The photos can then be easily uploaded to the Internet by following the simple instructions.
• FTP Upload Client
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