AKVIS Plugins Pack for Adobe Photoshop Multilingual (04/2012)

AKVIS Plugins Pack for Adobe Photoshop Multilingual (04/2012) | 584MB

Akvis Full Package 17 Plugins - AKVIS Software will make of you an artist, restorer, a magician and creative person. After trying one of the programs AKVIS, no software package is not enough. When you first turn the program AKVIS, surprised simplicity of the interface, the window and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions.
It's simple easy and clear, and only when working with programs AKVIS, one is struck by the result obtained, and you begin to realize that all your pictures from landscape to still life with no programs AKVIS simply "dead". In the main vehicle for the user to sit comfortably pull the lever (automatic transmission) and the ride, enjoying, it is not thinking that and how it works.

It consists of:
� AKVIS HDRFactory v 2.0.323.8121
� AKVIS Magnifier v 5.5.967.8527
� AKVIS ArtWork v 6.0.1491.8030
� AKVIS NatureArt v 4.0.1197
� AKVIS MakeUp v
� AKVIS Noise Buster v 8.0.2682.7927
� AKVIS ArtSuite v 7.5.2320
� AKVIS Retoucher v5.0.858.8386
� AKVIS Sketch v 13.0.2473.8439
� AKVIS Enhancer v13.0.1944.8492
� AKVIS Lightshop v 3.0.863.8196
� AKVIS Coloriage v 8.0.975.8190
� AKVIS Chameleon v 7.5.1677.8210
� AKVIS SmartMask v 3.0.1029.7644
� AKVIS Decorator v 3.0.538
� AKVIS MultiBrush v 5.5.1373.7644
� AKVIS Refocus v 1.5.198